Tuesday, October 13, 2015

South Carolina Flood Does Not Leave Fall Vacations Under Water

If you’ve read the news recently, you surely know about the massive amount of rain our area received during the first week of October. The heavy rain was caused by the movement of the offshore hurricane Joaquin combined with a huge low pressure system hovering above the Grand Strand. This produced several straight days of rain, resulting in severe flooding in the coastal Carolinas.

While North Myrtle Beach sustained water damage and road closures, the areas west of the beach were most affected by the storms. Hundreds of South Carolina roads, highways, and bridges were closed for several days while the water drained away. Many people were displaced by the flooding, and some entire neighborhoods were under water. However the damage to our home beach was minimal, and most of the properties near the ocean experienced surprisingly few problems. After the storm finally blew over, all was back to normal in no time.

The OD section at Ocean Blvd and Main St during the recent flooding

Now, North Myrtle Beach is dry and warm. A week after the floods, there is no more standing water at all and guests are enjoying their fall vacations as if nothing ever happened. If you were considering a fall trip, it is safe to come and enjoy the beach and an OD Beach Rentals property. If you have already booked, don’t worry about damage, dangerous roads, or inaccessible areas. Just hop in the car and arrive at the beach as planned!

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