Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beachwalk Villas: A Unique North Myrtle Beach Vacation Experience

Beachwalk Villas is a perfect example of a “second row” property in North Myrtle Beach. Second row properties are homes and condos that lie directly across the street from the beach. Though not technically oceanfront, these properties can still provide a fun vacation atmosphere and may surprise you with great amenities, furnishings, and even ocean views. Best of all, many second row rentals come with a lower price tag than their oceanfront neighbors!

Beachwalk Villas is located on Ocean Blvd at 41st Ave North in North Myrtle Beach. A covered parking garage sits underneath the condos, so the “first” floor is actually several levels above the ground. Each unit offers wonderful views of the beach and ocean. If you’re looking for a full size condo for an entire family or multiple couples, consider our 3bedroom ocean view condos at Beachwalk Villas. When you rent at this resort, you’ll get cool things like ocean view balconies, full kitchens, dining areas and living rooms with ocean views, master bedrooms with ocean views and private bathrooms, and free parking. There’s even a separate amenities center located across the street and right on the beach. It features indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub, and fitness room.

You can see our Beachwalk Villas condos on our website and even book them online for your summer vacation! Consider this great resort for your next family beach trip and get an amazing condo at an unbeatable price through Ocean Drive Beach Rentals.

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New, Improved North Myrtle Beach Vacation Properties

Summer is our favorite season in North Myrtle Beach, because our guests are eager to get off the road, check into their property, and start enjoying their vacation. We love when our customers exclaim how great their accommodations are and how much they loved their trip, and it’s very important to us that we continue to offer updated, beautifully furnished homes and condos for our guests to relax in while they’re here.

When North Myrtle Beach empties of tourists in September, we get to work and begin the process of preparing all our properties for winter rentals and the next rental season. Lots of our rentals are renovated, painted, deep-cleaned, and newly furnished for the new season. We want to make sure our guests get top-notch accommodations for their vacation, and we offer the best value on the dollar with our quality rentals.

Our newly remodeled large home with pool, Banana Cabana

We have oceanfront condos and houses that have transformed into shining new properties for 2014 rentals! Check out our newest oceanfront house in the OD section, complete with pool, our huge duplex with 7 bedrooms on each side, and any of our awesome oceanfront condos that have upgrades such as new carpet, new granite counter tops, new furniture, and other cool stuff. At Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we pride ourselves on offering only the best, highest quality rentals for your beach trip. Call us at 877-287-2977 or visit our website to see for yourself, and let us help you plan your 2014 vacation!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals