Saturday, December 14, 2013

New North Myrtle Beach Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

They’re our best friends. They keep us warm on cold days. They always make us laugh. They are always ready to greet you when you come home. We even let them ride shotgun in the car with their head out the window. If you love your dog so much that you consider them just as much a family member as your kids, you’ll want to include them in a very important part of family life: the family summer vacation.

Quite a few families can’t bring themselves to exclude their furry friends when it comes to planning the summer trip to the beach. That’s why we offer several rental properties that are pet-friendly and ready to accommodate your son or daughter of another species. Whether you want to stay in a beautiful condo and enjoy the ocean view with your small dog, or you want your large breed to have the time of their life in a house, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals has the perfect rental for you (and them).

Our pet-friendly properties range from two to four bedrooms, and all are located in North Myrtle Beach, with easy access to the beach. Some houses even come with a special outdoor area especially for pets. We have properties in Prince Resort, Ocean Bay Club, Bay Watch Resort, and houses in the Cherry Grove neighborhood that all allow dogs. These are premium properties, so you don’t have to sacrifice amenities, view, or quality furnishings to stay in a pet-friendly rental. See all our pet-friendly properties by going to our website, or call 877-287-2977 for complete details. We look forward to helping you and your dog plan a great vacation!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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