Tuesday, November 19, 2013

North Myrtle Beach Vacations: Cheapest Not Always Best

When you begin your search for a rental property to accommodate your family for a beach vacation, you’ll want to decide first how many bedrooms you’ll need, whether a house or a condo suits you better, and the proximity of your rental to the beach and attractions. After you narrow down your selection to a few of your favorite properties, you can start comparing prices.

Unfortunately, not every rental property in North Myrtle Beach is an upscale, modern paradise with top shelf amenities; many rental companies offer low quality properties at rock-bottom prices. These rentals are often dated, worn out, and plagued with maintenance issues. They also lack attractive amenities like quality pool facilities and wireless internet. Many bargain-hunting vacationers make the mistake of renting one of these properties from a large rental company, thinking they scored a fantastic deal while in reality they only set themselves up for a miserable trip and a disappointed family. Or worse, they choose their accommodations based solely on the lowest price available. Don't let this be your fate!

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals has the cure for such cases. We rent high quality condos and houses that are well maintained, clean, and comfortable. Many come with incredible amenities like indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, golf cart rentals, and restaurants. Each condo is tastefully decorated, adding to your experience by creating a soothing environment in which to relax. Our selection of luxury condos rivals any others in the area. We may not have the cheapest rentals in town, but we do have the best. And remember – the cheapest rental you can find is cheap for a reason, and will most likely fail to impress you and your group. Don’t take chances with discounted rates and questionable rentals. Call us now or see our website to start planning the high-class vacation you’re looking for!

Windy Hill Dunes 1603, A luxury 5 bedroom condo available for rental

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By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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