Wednesday, March 20, 2013

North Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Amenities

When you plan your beach vacation, an important thing to keep in mind is what kind of amenities are going to be offered at your vacation property. If you stay at a hotel, your choices are pretty much the same wherever you go; pool, hot tub, maybe a continental breakfast or high speed internet. But what if you are taking your family or planning your trip for a large group? Private rentals are definitely the better choice, but when it comes to amenities, you’d be wise to do your homework.

If you've always wanted the kind of vacation where you can relax in privacy, a house rental may be just the thing for you. Houses offer more square footage, more privacy, and a yard to play in. But houses lack the amenities that resorts have. There are some houses that offer private hot tubs and a few that even have pools, but these are rare and often cost much more than families are prepared to spend. A house is a great option for those who want to accommodate a large group but are ok going without on-site amenities.

Resorts, on the other hand, offer much in the way of amenities. Some smaller resorts are limited to only shared pools and hot tubs. The larger resorts offer fitness centers, indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, lazy rivers, and sometimes even waterslides and on-site restaurants. However, a lot of large resorts get heavy traffic, especially during the summer. This can create parking hassles and might affect the peace and quiet some look forward to on their vacation. When you make your vacation plans, involve the other members of your group and collectively decide which amenities you like. This will help narrow down your choices while ensuring you satisfy the group.

Oceanfront pool deck at the Prince Resort

One of the best things about Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is that we offer our guests a variety of choices. We have condos of all sizes in small and large resorts alike. Some have a ton of on-site amenities, which add value to your overall vacation experience. We also offer large houses where peace and quiet are abundant. When you call our office, we customize your vacation around what is most important to you. That’s why we’re the best on the beach!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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