Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deep Sea Fishing in North Myrtle Beach

As we wrap up another beautiful year on the beach, a lot of folks will soon turn their attention to summer and make their plans for their family vacations and golf trips. When guests of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals check in, they often ask our staff for suggestions on things to do around North Myrtle Beach. For the men and adventurous individuals in the group, we always recommend deep sea fishing.

Fishing is always a safe bet for the men in the family because it allows for some genuine male bonding while hunting the elusive large fish of the Gulf Stream. It is also perfect for golf groups that want to vary their activities and mix things up in the midst of a weeklong golf vacation. Whether you want to fish for an entire weekend dozens of miles offshore, of take a leisurely cruise just off the coast for sea bass and flounder, you can choose which adventure suits you best.

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals partners with Hurricane Fleet of Calabash to bring you an unforgettable fishing experience at a discounted rate, as part of our Endless Fun Club. The short trip departs from the dock in Calabash and takes you on a short boat ride where you can simply drop your line and haul up your catch. You’re almost guaranteed to catch something on this half day trip, and the sea bass is delectable if you fry it the same day with some seasoned salt and a sprinkle of parsley and lemon. The more in-depth trips last up to 18 hours and are chartered upon request. On these longer trips into deep waters, anglers can land snapper, grouper, large sea bass, trigger fish, shark, and the occasional king mackerel or dolphin. If you have limited experience, you can trust that you are fishing with the most experienced and helpful boat staff on the Grand Strand.

When you make the arrangements for your family’s summer vacation or golf trip, ask about deep sea fishing. You are sure to have an incredible time with your friends or family catching some serious fish. Have it cleaned on the dock when you return and cook it right in your condo for the freshest seafood dinner you’ll ever have!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to Take Great Photos on Your North Myrtle Beach Vacation

Spend your summer vacation in North Myrtle Beach, and you’ll quickly realize why it is one of the most popular areas for beach vacations on the east coast. There are miles of sandy beaches, beautiful marshes teeming with elegant birds and wildlife, and lush green plant life to compliment the breathtaking scenery. Add your loved ones and fun attractions into the mix and you have a recipe for taking incredible pictures to commemorate your vacation.

With the prevalence of smartphones in our society, it’s easier than ever for the average person to snap a picture any time a good photo op occurs. Though they are a very convenient tool, the cameras on these phones tend to take low-quality images, especially when viewed on a full-screen computer. They also do not print very well. Even if your phone has several megapixels, you aren't able to work with a proper lens, an important key to good photos. Camera phones are best used for quick picture taking of friends during a fun night out or to get a snapshot of something you want to remember later or instantly share online.

Though they don’t often see the light of day, most of us have digital cameras for those scenic shots or memorable moments. For those times a camera phone can’t do your scene justice, it’s a great idea to always have your digital camera with you on vacation. There are several models out now that will easily fit in a pocket or purse and will take decent pictures. Pair your photos with picture editing software and you can create your own photographic masterpiece to share with your friends or print and frame for a gift later on. You can even edit your pictures for free online and save them to your computer for Facebook posting, etc. For the photography enthusiasts, opt for a high quality digital camera with telescopic lens and plenty of memory. To get the best pictures, study your owner’s manual and adjust your camera’s settings according to the time of day, location, light, and shutter speed you want. Most cameras have an “auto” option that will automatically adjust settings to give you the best outcome. Also, when taking scenic outdoor shots, remember the “rule of thirds”: Place the horizon in the top third or bottom third of the viewfinder. When there are people in the shot, place them to one side of the frame while showing off the environment on the other side. It’s best to take more than one shot so you can compare them later and pick the best one. Experiment with your camera settings, angles, and subject matter until you feel comfortable taking good pictures.

Picture taking is an important part of any vacation. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals' guests love taking beach photos right off their oceanfront balcony! You’ll cherish the memories of your North Myrtle Beach family vacation even more when you have great photos to reflect on in the future.

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Flexible Payment Options for Your North Myrtle Beach Vacation

For many Americans, the last few years have been a financial roller coaster. So many of us are trimming our spending wherever possible and cutting back on luxuries that we used to enjoy. The good news is that people are still turning to annual vacations and getaways to escape the pressure, stress, or routine of everyday life. The bad news is that those trips are harder to afford if there is no system in place to help you pay in a flexible way that best fits your budget.

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals alleviates this problem by offering the best vacation value and customizing a payment plan for each of our guests. While some rental companies require the reservation be paid in full as soon as you finalize your plans, we use a different approach that understands that some families do not have the cash to pay for a vacation right away. Rather than missing out on your trip, make your plans with us and we will work out a payment plan that will make it easier to pay for your vacation. From now until New Year’s Day 2013, all weekly summer vacations can be reserved with just $100. From there you can pay monthly or periodically until your reservation is paid off. Since we require all our reservations be paid in full 30 days before the arrival date, this option has been working well for the many folks who have booked their property for summer 2013.

In addition to our $100 down offer, we also have many convenient ways to pay. A check or money order sent through the mail is a safe form of payment, but you can’t always trust the mail service to deliver on time if you are concerned with a payment deadline. If you are in a time crunch and your arrival date is fast approaching, consider using our automated payment system through Guest Web. Every reservation made at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is automatically included in Guest Web, an online account where users can make payments, sign their rental agreement, and interact with office staff. If you have easy access to the internet and want to pay on your own schedule, this could be the best option for you. Guest Web also works great for those groups who have people paying separately. Each person can log into the same account and pay their share with their own credit card. Our phone lines are open Monday – Saturday, 8:30 – 5:30, and our staff are always available to take credit card payments over the phone.

Vacation is a special time and planning your trip should be an exciting, hassle-free experience. We take the trouble out of paying for your vacation so you can spend more time preparing for all the fun you’ll have when you arrive. That’s why we accept checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, and all major credit cards. Call us today to plan your next North Myrtle Beach vacation and find out why we are your vacation rental authority!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, December 8, 2012

North Myrtle Beach Piers

If you are the type of person that enjoys surf fishing, walks on the beach, or just watching the water and breathing in the salty sea air, take a tour of the many Myrtle Beach area piers. No matter where you are staying for your vacation, there is a pier close to you that takes you beyond the beach and into the ocean.

The Cherry Grove Pier is on 35th Ave North and is the largest and most popular pier in North Myrtle Beach. At the foot of the Prince Resort, this pier has a covered observation deck to sit and relax while enjoying the soft ocean breeze and watching the anglers haul in their catch. Book a condo at the Prince Resort to get up close and personal with this pier. The cost for access to the Cherry Grove Pier is $5, plus the cost of parking if you are not a Prince Resort guest. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals has several properties close to this pier, including some at the Prince Resort.

The Cherry Grove Pier

If you are down in Myrtle Beach enjoying the many attractions, make sure to stop by the 14th Ave Pier at 14th Ave North and 2nd Ave Pier at 2nd Ave South. Both have restaurants with gourmet food and bars to sip your favorite wine or cocktail while watching the waves crash on the shore. The 2nd Ave Pier restaurant has multiple levels and offers an incredible view of the beach and surrounding area. For an unforgettable night out with your close friends and family, enjoy some drinks, sample the excellent cuisine and take a walk to the end of the pier and look back on the beauty of Myrtle Beach. If you are lucky enough to be in town on the fourth of July, get a spot on the beach close to 2nd Ave Pier to see an amazing fireworks display like no other.

The view from the 2nd Ave Pier restaurant in Myrtle Beach

Finally, the Springmaid Pier is located on the south end of Myrtle Beach at the foot of the Springmaid Resort, off of 32nd Ave South. This pier is large and offers plenty of room to stroll and fish. Access to the pier is only $1 on summer nights, and you can buy a frozen treat to enjoy while you walk.

Give us a call to plan your summer vacation, and ask for more information on piers and other sights and activities!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Monday, December 3, 2012

2012 North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade

It’s that time of year again! In just a few days, the North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade will cruise down Main Street and bring Christmas cheer to hundreds of spectators. Here at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we’re gearing up for our best year ever with a beautiful float decked out with lights and plenty of decorations and candy. We’ll be rolling down the street between 5:30 and 7 pm so come out and enjoy the party!

Last year’s parade was a blast, and our staff had a great time throwing out candy and Frisbees, shouting holiday greetings, meeting new folks, and watching the other parade participants. Families and couples lined the street, and some even set up lawn chairs and warmed up with hot cocoa and coffee while the kids eagerly watched for treats being tossed off the floats. This year’s parade will offer more of the exciting Christmas spirit and kick off the season with a bang!

Plan to come out early on Saturday, December 8th to get a good spot. You can sit or stand anywhere along Main Street, from the Bi-Lo all the way to Ocean Drive Resort on Ocean Blvd. The parade starts at 5:30, and will end with Santa himself driving his sleigh down the street. We hope to see you there for this fun family event!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals