Saturday, November 24, 2012

Staying Fit on Your North Myrtle Beach Vacation

For some of our guests, staying fit and participating in a daily exercise regimen is an important part of life. The more disciplined and determined vacationers don’t take a break from workouts just because they’re taking a break from work. It’s easy to relax in North Myrtle Beach, and even easier to enjoy one of our famous all-you-can-eat seafood buffets. Balance those with a rigorous workout each day, and you won’t have a problem getting back into your regular routine once you are back home.

The fitness center is a popular amenity for vacationers, besides the pool and hot tub. The convenience of having an on-site gym makes it simple to squeeze in a quick workout while the kids are sleeping in. All large resorts in the area have fitness centers with treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, free weights, and weight machines. Each fitness room’s equipment will vary, but you’ll have enough options to burn all the calories you want. If you are staying in an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals property that does not have a fitness center, we welcome you to use the facilities at the Ocean Drive Resort, where our office is located. If running or jogging is more your thing, you have miles of open beach and great views to enjoy.

The fitness center at the Avista Resort

The North Myrtle Beach Aquatic and Fitness Center is conveniently located at 2nd Avenue South, within minutes of all our properties. If you want a multi-purpose facility with kids’ activities, huge workout rooms, and pools, consider purchasing a daily or weekly pass. This is a great option if you are planning to spend more of your vacation time exercising with your family.

If you have any questions about fitness centers or any amenities, just ask an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals staff member when you check in. We’re more than happy to assist when it comes to keeping up with your workout schedule!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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