Saturday, September 29, 2012

North Myrtle Beach Luxury Rentals

North Myrtle Beach has the best beach, seafood, golf, shopping, and attractions on the East Coast, and for those reasons millions of people come to vacation on the Grand Strand every year. Of course you can have a great trip in the Myrtle Beach area simply by staying in a hotel close to the beach. But then there are those with discriminating tastes that are searching for the perfect accommodations to suit their upscale needs. Whether you want to treat your family to a special vacation, or just want a little extra room and upgraded furnishings, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is the place to go for great luxury options.

We have luxury properties to suit small or large groups, from 1 to 24 people. Do you want to treat your spouse to a romantic weekend in an oceanfront condo? Check out our one bedroom luxury condo at the Prince Resort. If you need more room for multiple families, take a look at our five bedroom penthouse-style condo at Windy Hill Dunes. We even have some beautiful beach houses that will satisfy your refined taste for fine accommodations. Are you one of those who love to go all-out for vacation? Your trip is an important investment, providing memorable time with your family and the chance to ease into a relaxing state of mind. Renting a luxury property will make it easier and more fun to vacation with the ones you love.

Windy Hill Dunes 1603

The cost of renting a luxury unit versus a typical condo may not be as expensive as you think. Decide beforehand what a reasonable budget would be, and then compare prices. You’ll also want to have a good idea of the desired amenities and location of your vacation rental. You may just find exactly what you’re looking for and more! And don’t worry about providing linens and towels. All our luxury units automatically come with a provided linen package! Our upscale properties are usually the first to book for the upcoming vacation season, so take a look at our luxury condos and houses, or give us a call. We’re ready to help you plan your dream vacation!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Friday, September 21, 2012

SOS Week in North Myrtle Beach

It is late September in North Myrtle Beach, and to us that means one thing: Shag Week. The September meeting of the SOS group is by far the biggest Shag convention of the year, and attracts folks from all around the country to dance, reconnect with old friends, and enjoy South Carolina’s beach. SOS (“Society of Stranders” or “Shaggers on the Strand”) is a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy and participate in the Shag, a popular dance originating on the Carolina coast.

Though the Shag began as a version of the swing-driven Jitterbug, it became a distinct style of dance when “beach music” became increasingly popular in the 1950s. Many variations of shagging exist in different regions of the US, but the Carolina Shag is considered by some to be the original; a nostalgic reminder of simpler times and the carefree beach lifestyle of yesteryear.

Today, SOS convenes in the North Myrtle Beach area to Shag, meet new Stranders, catch up with familiar friends, and party through the week. They keep the dance tradition going strong, and they are one of the reasons North Myrtle Beach is so unique. One of the goals of the Society is to pass on the Shag to future generations. We hope shagging and beach music stays alive and SOS week continues to take place here year after year. At Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we always look forward to seeing the same folks check in to our properties before each SOS event, eager to meet up at Duck’s, Fat Harold’s, the OD Arcade, or any of the other popular Shag clubs. If you are a Shagger, or are curious to see what this special dance culture is all about, give us a call and come see for yourself!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Monday, September 17, 2012

Plan now for your 2013 North Myrtle Beach Vacation

When it comes to preparing for your family’s vacation, the early bird gets the worm. Or better yet, the early bird get first pick of fabulous oceanfront properties!

You may be tempted to think that there’s no need to plan so far in advance for vacation. After all it’s only September, and summer hasn’t even officially ended yet. The truth is that this is the best time to solidify your plans for 2013, especially if you plan on coming earlier in the year. Certain high-demand 2013 weeks will start to fill up this fall, such as Memorial Day week, Independence Day week, September SOS week, and a few others. If your plans include staying during one of these “peak weeks” you’ll want to secure your spot now to avoid being left out. Every year we reluctantly turn away those procrastinators who waited until it was too late to book their condo or house. Though we wish we could accommodate everyone, there is simply more demand than supply for these dates.

Even if you don’t expect to visit on a peak week, there is another benefit of reserving a place early. Since most weeks are still open for summer 2013, guests who book now will get first choice of properties. Though you might save some money if you wait to book until a month or two before your vacation, you may find that there is not much to choose from. Those vacationers who loved their condo this year will probably want to book it again for next year. If you already know what you want, why not make sure no one else claims your vacation week? It’s better to not take the chance and risk settling for a property that is less than ideal for your group.

We are adding new properties to our rental program all the time, so check our inventory often to see what’s new. You may find that one of these properties will fit your needs perfectly. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals’ staff is ready to help you plan your 2013 vacation every step of the way. Call us now to make sure your next vacation is the one your family will remember forever!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Like Ocean Drive Beach Rentals on Facebook

At Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we are truly your vacation rental authority. We take that statement seriously because we understand how important it is that our guests deal with a company that knows vacations, our properties, and the local area inside and out. We encourage anyone and everyone to “like” us on Facebook in order to get more out of vacation.

The Grand Stand is a unique vacation destination because it is made up of several small communities surrounding Myrtle Beach. There is so much more to our region than just the attractions and the beach. Being connected to us through Facebook or Twitter means that you’ll be automatically updated on special deals, new properties, suggestions for activities, and news about our community. We’ll feature local businesses and attractions that you may consider visiting while you’re here on vacation. We even have an annual summer photo contest that is open exclusively to our Facebook following with a spectacular grand prize: a free weekend stay at the famous Ocean Drive Resort!

As our world becomes more and more connected through social media, it becomes easier to share thoughts and pictures with those who are close to you. If you are thinking about a vacation but are not sure where to go or what property to choose, share our page or some of our property photos with your friends and family who will be vacationing with you. We welcome our Facebook friends to share their experiences, photos, and suggestions on our page. If you had a great time in North Myrtle Beach this year, we want to hear about it! It’s also a great place to ask questions or request information on booking a vacation. Visit our page from time to time to see what’s new. It’ll put you in the vacation spirit no matter the season!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Your one-stop-shop for all of Myrtle Beach’s best attractions

Here at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we try our best to provide a perfect value-based vacation to our guests. We do this in many different ways, such as offering low rates for rental properties, adding free meals and entertainment to our reservation packages, and including guests in our Endless Fun Club. Another way we provide value to guests is by selling tickets to area attractions at discounted prices.

During the prime summer season, the majority of our guests are in North Myrtle Beach to experience all the famous Grand Strand has to offer. This means world-class shopping, dining, entertainment, and exciting attractions. We sell tickets to Ripley’s Aquarium, Ripley’s Museum, WonderWorks, NASCAR Speedpark, and Myrtle Waves Waterpark. All these spectacular venues are in the Myrtle Beach area, about 20-30 minutes away from North Myrtle Beach. Though some folks are content with the laid-back atmosphere in North Myrtle, most families want to explore the area and see the attractions for themselves. If you plan on going to these places anyway, why not save a buck or two on each ticket? We understand that every dollar counts when vacationing on a budget, so we offer all our tickets at a discounted price. A family of five will save about $12 by buying their aquarium tickets in our office; and no waiting in long lines!

Those who are visiting the Myrtle Beach area for the first time may find themselves a little overwhelmed by the activity, traffic, and endless choices for family entertainment. Rest assured that you don’t have to plan your entire vacation before you come. When it’s time to check in to your rental property, ask for recommendations from our knowledgeable staff. We have seen just about every attraction here in town, and can always suggest wonderful places to eat, drink, relax, and play. Buy your tickets when you check in to save time. We’ll even give you directions! We hope to see you soon for your next vacation.

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals