Saturday, June 9, 2012

Do you really need Travel Insurance for your trip?

It’s a question we get asked often at our office. Vacationers eager to make the trip to North Myrtle Beach want to know – do I really need to get trip insurance?

The answer is as simple as your situation. Are you secure in your employment? Is there any chance you will lose income before your vacation? Are you on active duty in the military? Is a close family member sick? By answering these questions, you can be closer to making a decision about trip insurance.

Travel Insurance works similarly to other insurances; if you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances, you would file a claim with the insurance company. They review your claim, along with any necessary paperwork and forms, and issue your refund if the reason for cancellation is covered. Most situations out of your control are covered, such as sickness or death of a family member, military duty, jury duty, loss of employment, missed connections, severe weather, and car accidents. Travel Guard, our insurance carrier, automatically offers other travel benefits to guests who purchase coverage. These extra perks include medical and emergency assistance, travel assistance, concierge services, identity theft protection, and roadside assistance.

The cost of this insurance is minimal and depends on your total trip cost. If you are booking a trip this summer, ask about travel insurance. If you have already made a reservation, call us to add it. You want to enjoy your vacation without worrying about things that are out of your control. You never know what could happen while on vacation, and you’re better off safe than sorry!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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