Saturday, May 19, 2012

Main Street: The Center of Small-Town North Myrtle Beach

If you’ve never been to North Myrtle Beach, you’re missing out on one of the best vacation spots in the country. While Myrtle Beach is more famous for its many attractions, North Myrtle Beach offers close proximity to the same attractions, but with more of a small-town feel. Once you turn off Highway 17 and head away from all the traffic, quiet neighborhoods, shops and restaurants, smaller resorts, and beach houses make up North Myrtle Beach. At the center of it all is Main Street.

Main Street runs from Highway 17 to Ocean Boulevard and is the major throughway from the larger resorts in Ocean Drive out to the Highway. But it’s more than just a road. It captures the nostalgic feeling of a small town square in a classic American vacation town. Tourists and locals alike love to browse the specialty shops, eat at the famous cafes, and hang out on the beach beyond Ocean Blvd. In the summer, the “horseshoe” area at the end of Main Street is alive with live music and vacationers enjoying the nightlife. On special holidays, the street is closed to traffic, and extravagant parades make their way through town. There are also festivals in Main Street throughout the year, like the Endless Summer Festival in October. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals enthusiastically participates in several of these activities.

Ocean Drive Resort, the Ashworth, the Avista, and Ocean Bay Club are just a few resorts within walking distance of Main Street. These are popular vacation destinations, and you can conceivably park your car at your condo and never use it while you’re here. Entertainment, restaurants, and grocery stores are all conveniently located on Main Street, so walk or rent a bike to save money on vacation! We rent units at all the major Ocean Drive area resorts, so be part of the action and explore Main Street this summer!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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