Saturday, January 14, 2012

North Myrtle Beach Weekend in Review

January is a popular time for snowbirds to visit the beach to enjoy our mild winter and exciting events. The winter Shag weekend is here and Ocean Drive of North Myrtle Beach is alive with sounds of beach music and tapping feet. Myrtle Beach has captured the Nation’s attention as the GOP candidates gather for a debate at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

Carolina Shag events take place in North Myrtle Beach throughout the year, and the winter Shag weekend is this weekend, January 13th -15th. Many Shaggers take the entire week to make the most of a trip to the beach. We still have vacation rentals available, if you’d like to participate in the action! Even if you don’t dance (shag), there is still plenty to do in and around the beach. Most area attractions are open in the off-season.

The Republican Presidential debate will be hosted at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on January 16th. Visitors from all over the Nation are in town to participate in the political events. As you can imagine, tickets to the Debate are sold out. You may want to try and catch your favorite candidate at congressional town hall meetings, or mingling with the locals.

Aside from all the exciting things happening in the off-season, we are looking forward to a great summer season in 2012. Our beautiful North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals still have dates available for upcoming spring and summer weeks. Call ahead for special occasions with nightly rentals.

Written By: Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, 2012

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