Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deep Sea Fishing in North Myrtle Beach

As we wrap up another beautiful year on the beach, a lot of folks will soon turn their attention to summer and make their plans for their family vacations and golf trips. When guests of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals check in, they often ask our staff for suggestions on things to do around North Myrtle Beach. For the men and adventurous individuals in the group, we always recommend deep sea fishing.

Fishing is always a safe bet for the men in the family because it allows for some genuine male bonding while hunting the elusive large fish of the Gulf Stream. It is also perfect for golf groups that want to vary their activities and mix things up in the midst of a weeklong golf vacation. Whether you want to fish for an entire weekend dozens of miles offshore, of take a leisurely cruise just off the coast for sea bass and flounder, you can choose which adventure suits you best.

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals partners with Hurricane Fleet of Calabash to bring you an unforgettable fishing experience at a discounted rate, as part of our Endless Fun Club. The short trip departs from the dock in Calabash and takes you on a short boat ride where you can simply drop your line and haul up your catch. You’re almost guaranteed to catch something on this half day trip, and the sea bass is delectable if you fry it the same day with some seasoned salt and a sprinkle of parsley and lemon. The more in-depth trips last up to 18 hours and are chartered upon request. On these longer trips into deep waters, anglers can land snapper, grouper, large sea bass, trigger fish, shark, and the occasional king mackerel or dolphin. If you have limited experience, you can trust that you are fishing with the most experienced and helpful boat staff on the Grand Strand.

When you make the arrangements for your family’s summer vacation or golf trip, ask about deep sea fishing. You are sure to have an incredible time with your friends or family catching some serious fish. Have it cleaned on the dock when you return and cook it right in your condo for the freshest seafood dinner you’ll ever have!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to Take Great Photos on Your North Myrtle Beach Vacation

Spend your summer vacation in North Myrtle Beach, and you’ll quickly realize why it is one of the most popular areas for beach vacations on the east coast. There are miles of sandy beaches, beautiful marshes teeming with elegant birds and wildlife, and lush green plant life to compliment the breathtaking scenery. Add your loved ones and fun attractions into the mix and you have a recipe for taking incredible pictures to commemorate your vacation.

With the prevalence of smartphones in our society, it’s easier than ever for the average person to snap a picture any time a good photo op occurs. Though they are a very convenient tool, the cameras on these phones tend to take low-quality images, especially when viewed on a full-screen computer. They also do not print very well. Even if your phone has several megapixels, you aren't able to work with a proper lens, an important key to good photos. Camera phones are best used for quick picture taking of friends during a fun night out or to get a snapshot of something you want to remember later or instantly share online.

Though they don’t often see the light of day, most of us have digital cameras for those scenic shots or memorable moments. For those times a camera phone can’t do your scene justice, it’s a great idea to always have your digital camera with you on vacation. There are several models out now that will easily fit in a pocket or purse and will take decent pictures. Pair your photos with picture editing software and you can create your own photographic masterpiece to share with your friends or print and frame for a gift later on. You can even edit your pictures for free online and save them to your computer for Facebook posting, etc. For the photography enthusiasts, opt for a high quality digital camera with telescopic lens and plenty of memory. To get the best pictures, study your owner’s manual and adjust your camera’s settings according to the time of day, location, light, and shutter speed you want. Most cameras have an “auto” option that will automatically adjust settings to give you the best outcome. Also, when taking scenic outdoor shots, remember the “rule of thirds”: Place the horizon in the top third or bottom third of the viewfinder. When there are people in the shot, place them to one side of the frame while showing off the environment on the other side. It’s best to take more than one shot so you can compare them later and pick the best one. Experiment with your camera settings, angles, and subject matter until you feel comfortable taking good pictures.

Picture taking is an important part of any vacation. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals' guests love taking beach photos right off their oceanfront balcony! You’ll cherish the memories of your North Myrtle Beach family vacation even more when you have great photos to reflect on in the future.

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Flexible Payment Options for Your North Myrtle Beach Vacation

For many Americans, the last few years have been a financial roller coaster. So many of us are trimming our spending wherever possible and cutting back on luxuries that we used to enjoy. The good news is that people are still turning to annual vacations and getaways to escape the pressure, stress, or routine of everyday life. The bad news is that those trips are harder to afford if there is no system in place to help you pay in a flexible way that best fits your budget.

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals alleviates this problem by offering the best vacation value and customizing a payment plan for each of our guests. While some rental companies require the reservation be paid in full as soon as you finalize your plans, we use a different approach that understands that some families do not have the cash to pay for a vacation right away. Rather than missing out on your trip, make your plans with us and we will work out a payment plan that will make it easier to pay for your vacation. From now until New Year’s Day 2013, all weekly summer vacations can be reserved with just $100. From there you can pay monthly or periodically until your reservation is paid off. Since we require all our reservations be paid in full 30 days before the arrival date, this option has been working well for the many folks who have booked their property for summer 2013.

In addition to our $100 down offer, we also have many convenient ways to pay. A check or money order sent through the mail is a safe form of payment, but you can’t always trust the mail service to deliver on time if you are concerned with a payment deadline. If you are in a time crunch and your arrival date is fast approaching, consider using our automated payment system through Guest Web. Every reservation made at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is automatically included in Guest Web, an online account where users can make payments, sign their rental agreement, and interact with office staff. If you have easy access to the internet and want to pay on your own schedule, this could be the best option for you. Guest Web also works great for those groups who have people paying separately. Each person can log into the same account and pay their share with their own credit card. Our phone lines are open Monday – Saturday, 8:30 – 5:30, and our staff are always available to take credit card payments over the phone.

Vacation is a special time and planning your trip should be an exciting, hassle-free experience. We take the trouble out of paying for your vacation so you can spend more time preparing for all the fun you’ll have when you arrive. That’s why we accept checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, and all major credit cards. Call us today to plan your next North Myrtle Beach vacation and find out why we are your vacation rental authority!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, December 8, 2012

North Myrtle Beach Piers

If you are the type of person that enjoys surf fishing, walks on the beach, or just watching the water and breathing in the salty sea air, take a tour of the many Myrtle Beach area piers. No matter where you are staying for your vacation, there is a pier close to you that takes you beyond the beach and into the ocean.

The Cherry Grove Pier is on 35th Ave North and is the largest and most popular pier in North Myrtle Beach. At the foot of the Prince Resort, this pier has a covered observation deck to sit and relax while enjoying the soft ocean breeze and watching the anglers haul in their catch. Book a condo at the Prince Resort to get up close and personal with this pier. The cost for access to the Cherry Grove Pier is $5, plus the cost of parking if you are not a Prince Resort guest. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals has several properties close to this pier, including some at the Prince Resort.

The Cherry Grove Pier

If you are down in Myrtle Beach enjoying the many attractions, make sure to stop by the 14th Ave Pier at 14th Ave North and 2nd Ave Pier at 2nd Ave South. Both have restaurants with gourmet food and bars to sip your favorite wine or cocktail while watching the waves crash on the shore. The 2nd Ave Pier restaurant has multiple levels and offers an incredible view of the beach and surrounding area. For an unforgettable night out with your close friends and family, enjoy some drinks, sample the excellent cuisine and take a walk to the end of the pier and look back on the beauty of Myrtle Beach. If you are lucky enough to be in town on the fourth of July, get a spot on the beach close to 2nd Ave Pier to see an amazing fireworks display like no other.

The view from the 2nd Ave Pier restaurant in Myrtle Beach

Finally, the Springmaid Pier is located on the south end of Myrtle Beach at the foot of the Springmaid Resort, off of 32nd Ave South. This pier is large and offers plenty of room to stroll and fish. Access to the pier is only $1 on summer nights, and you can buy a frozen treat to enjoy while you walk.

Give us a call to plan your summer vacation, and ask for more information on piers and other sights and activities!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Monday, December 3, 2012

2012 North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade

It’s that time of year again! In just a few days, the North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade will cruise down Main Street and bring Christmas cheer to hundreds of spectators. Here at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we’re gearing up for our best year ever with a beautiful float decked out with lights and plenty of decorations and candy. We’ll be rolling down the street between 5:30 and 7 pm so come out and enjoy the party!

Last year’s parade was a blast, and our staff had a great time throwing out candy and Frisbees, shouting holiday greetings, meeting new folks, and watching the other parade participants. Families and couples lined the street, and some even set up lawn chairs and warmed up with hot cocoa and coffee while the kids eagerly watched for treats being tossed off the floats. This year’s parade will offer more of the exciting Christmas spirit and kick off the season with a bang!

Plan to come out early on Saturday, December 8th to get a good spot. You can sit or stand anywhere along Main Street, from the Bi-Lo all the way to Ocean Drive Resort on Ocean Blvd. The parade starts at 5:30, and will end with Santa himself driving his sleigh down the street. We hope to see you there for this fun family event!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Staying Fit on Your North Myrtle Beach Vacation

For some of our guests, staying fit and participating in a daily exercise regimen is an important part of life. The more disciplined and determined vacationers don’t take a break from workouts just because they’re taking a break from work. It’s easy to relax in North Myrtle Beach, and even easier to enjoy one of our famous all-you-can-eat seafood buffets. Balance those with a rigorous workout each day, and you won’t have a problem getting back into your regular routine once you are back home.

The fitness center is a popular amenity for vacationers, besides the pool and hot tub. The convenience of having an on-site gym makes it simple to squeeze in a quick workout while the kids are sleeping in. All large resorts in the area have fitness centers with treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, free weights, and weight machines. Each fitness room’s equipment will vary, but you’ll have enough options to burn all the calories you want. If you are staying in an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals property that does not have a fitness center, we welcome you to use the facilities at the Ocean Drive Resort, where our office is located. If running or jogging is more your thing, you have miles of open beach and great views to enjoy.

The fitness center at the Avista Resort

The North Myrtle Beach Aquatic and Fitness Center is conveniently located at 2nd Avenue South, within minutes of all our properties. If you want a multi-purpose facility with kids’ activities, huge workout rooms, and pools, consider purchasing a daily or weekly pass. This is a great option if you are planning to spend more of your vacation time exercising with your family.

If you have any questions about fitness centers or any amenities, just ask an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals staff member when you check in. We’re more than happy to assist when it comes to keeping up with your workout schedule!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holidays in North Myrtle Beach

You might think of the Grand Strand as a fantastic summer vacation destination. You would be right, of course, but all the excitement and fun of North Myrtle Beach should not have to be confined to one season! Many folks from around the US and Canada make the South Carolina beach their winter home while taking advantage of our famous golf courses, endless shopping, local seafood, and amazing ocean views. Some folks come for an unconventional Thanksgiving or Christmas week. The holidays are a special time in our little beach community, and we welcome visitors to break tradition and treat their families to a holiday on the beach!

Thanksgiving is a great time to bring the family together over a big traditional meal. However, the preparations that have to be made are often a hassle. Cleaning, cooking, and planning family activities is enough to exhaust anyone. That’s why we offer all of our properties for a Thanksgiving rental. We have condos and houses with enough room for up to 24 people, with fabulous ocean views and amenities. Each property comes with a fully equipped kitchen, and is guaranteed to be clean when you arrive. You can create your own feast or opt for a store-bought meal and spend more time enjoying the beach and Myrtle Beach’s attractions.

Christmas is also fun, with plenty of holiday events to attend. Bring a small artificial tree up to your condo and decorate it with your loved ones while streaming holiday music to your laptop. Enjoy waking up to the best sunrise on the east coast and bundling up for a long walk on the beach. Catch an extravagant Christmas show at the Alabama Theatre or Carolina Opry. We even have a parade through Main Street, where locals show off their colorful floats and Christmas cheer. New Years will be a blast with live music, games, and the countdown to midnight taking place in beach clubs all over town. You might even see some fireworks!

Be adventurous this year and try something new this holiday season! Bring all your favorite family traditions to the beach and create lasting memories. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals has great specials for the holiday season, so give us a call to plan your trip!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Take a Day Trip to Charleston

The Myrtle Beach area is a great home base for experiencing South Carolina culture. Not only do we have the best attractions, restaurants, shopping, and golf, but North Myrtle Beach is in close proximity to historic landmarks and intriguing places such as Charleston. If you are staying in an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals property for your vacation, consider taking a day to explore this important city and its rich heritage.

History buffs will revel in the long, fascinating history of Charleston and its place in the evolution of America. Charleston was an important port community before the birth of our nation, and the settlers there played a key role in the American Revolution. Later, the Civil War ignited at Fort Sumter, right at Charleston’s doorstep. Major events such as these, along with a robust slave market, contributed to the storied past of this great southern city. Perhaps the most impressive thing about downtown Charleston is that most of the architecture, buildings, roads, alleyways, and the famous battery have remained largely unchanged. Hundreds of houses still stand that were built well over 300 years ago. Strolling through the streets, you can sense the age of the cobblestone under your feet, old churches with amazing marble and ironwork, and majestic houses with ivy covered courtyard walls and old carriage steps outside the front doors. It’s easy to imagine how Charleston was 200 years ago because it has been left preserved as a testament to colonial and 19th century American life.

Where the old slave market was held, there is now a museum in its place. The Charleston Museum is nearby, offering a glimpse into the region’s past. Shoppers delight in a big open-air market with vendors selling authentic local goods like sweetgrass baskets and unique jewelry. After browsing the market, take an informative ride with one of the many carriage tours. A qualified tour guide explains the origins and history of some prime downtown sights such as Rainbow Row and Battery Park. You can also take a boat tour in Charleston’s harbor, getting front row seats to Fort Sumter and other interesting sites. The USS Yorktown is also open for tours. This full size American aircraft carrier is so big, you could spend all day in it and still not see it all! For lunch, stop by any of the one-of-a-kind pubs and restaurants in the area; they each offer a taste of South Carolina’s delicious fare with southern charm.

Finding Charleston is easy. Just take Highway 17 south from North Myrtle Beach and you’ll be there in about 2 hours. Remember to leave yourself plenty of time, and enjoy the southern landscape along the way. If you need any help planning your trip to this beloved city, just ask an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals staff member. We’re here to help you get the most out of your South Carolina vacation!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals’ New Location

What’s a beach rental office without the beach? Welcome to our brand new location, in the lobby of the famous Ocean Drive Beach and Golf Resort, right on the beachfront. Our office is still a full-service rental office, and any future guests can check in at the new office. We are excited about operating out of the same building as our parent company, and the move is set to enhance many of the qualities that make us a leader in the vacation rental community in North Myrtle Beach.

See our new office on the first floor of the Ocean Drive Resort

Since Ocean Drive Beach Rentals has the advantage of on-site maintenance and housekeeping, our close vicinity to these resources will help us continue to provide excellent property services. We use the same housekeeping and maintenance as the Ocean Drive Resort, allowing us to utilize the resources and experience of a trusted vacation institution. We are also adding the convenience of a 24 hour check in desk. All after hours check-ins will head to the resort’s front desk instead of the rental office. The front desk is open around the clock for both resort and beach rental guests.

Our new office will benefit our homeowners, too! We are the only rental company in North Myrtle Beach that offers full resort amenities to guests staying at any of our rentals. This means that guests staying in a property with few amenities can come to the resort to swim, have a meal in our café, or pamper themselves in OD Resort’s (soon-to-open) salon. These amenities will also benefit those guests who are experiencing maintenance issues with amenities in an off-site resort.

We invite both homeowners and vacationers to stop by our new office. We are eager to book quality vacations for guests and create profitable relationships with homeowners. Please come by to see our new home and speak with one of our professional staff members. Though we have moved, our goal is still the same: to be the authority on North Myrtle Beach vacations!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rainy Day Vacations in North Myrtle Beach

Folks love North Myrtle Beach’s warm, sunny weather and wide sandy beaches. In fact, millions of tourists pass through the area every summer for one main reason – to relax and play on the beach while enjoying the warm water, gentle waves, and refreshing ocean breeze. But what are you going to do if the weather takes a turn for the worse? If you stay in an oceanfront condo and expect the weather to be beautiful throughout each of your vacation days, you may be extremely disappointed when that thunderstorm rolls in off the sea. It’s a good idea to be prepared for this and have a back-up list of activities to make the most of a day indoors.

Since you are staying in one of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals’ excellent properties, you can take advantage of on-site amenities. Most oceanfront condos include access to indoor pools and hot tubs, so you can play in the water no matter what’s happening outside. The Avista Resort even has an indoor lazy river to cruise around in! Your condo will likely feature big, flat panel TVs and DVD players so you can watch cable television or put on a rented DVD and pop some microwave popcorn. The Tilghman Resort features a DVD rental kiosk in the lobby so you don’t even have to leave the building. Some may find it peaceful to prop up a chair in front of the ocean view and settle in with a book and internet radio streaming from your laptop. Bring a deck of cards and a board game so your family can enjoy some quality time together while staying entertained.

A rainy day could be your prime opportunity to explore some of Myrtle Beach’s famous attractions. Stop by our rental office to get your discounted tickets to WonderWorks and Ripley’s Aquarium. The Aquarium is very popular and a great option for kids. You can stay as long as you like and tour the whole facility, featuring sharks, rays, tropical fish, and other amazing creatures. They even have daily shows and special exhibitions! Ripley’s also has a museum, 3D theater, haunted house, and mirror maze down by the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. You can get a combo pass good for the aquarium and one of Ripley’s other activities, saving you about $15 per ticket. The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Broadway at the Beach are great places to walk around, shop, and eat. You won’t find their unique restaurants anywhere else!

There are plenty of other activities in the surrounding area to take advantage of. The USS North Carolina is on display and open for tours just north of the state line. This huge battleship is a fascinating adventure and a great way to spend a day without killing your wallet. Grab a South Carolina Visitor’s Guide from the Chamber of Commerce for other great ideas. There’s no need to let a storm ruin your vacation. It might just be the best part of it!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Now Selling Tickets to The Carolina Opry

At Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we pride ourselves on offering the best vacation rentals at truly unbeatable prices. But another pledge we make to our valued guests involves bringing the best of the Myrtle Beach area together and offering great deals and discounts under one program, our Endless Fun Club. This club is easy to join – just rent one of our properties! While you’re enjoying your vacation, stop by one of the participating EFC businesses for automatic savings. All you have to do is show your rental keys with an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals logo.

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the Endless Fun Club, The Carolina Opry. This is perhaps the most famous venue in South Carolina, and offers a variety of fun shows to thrill and entertain your whole family. With exceptional live music including huge hits and old favorites, hilarious comedy sketches, light displays and mesmerizing dancers, The Carolina Opry is the hottest live show in town. You’ll definitely want to make this fantastic 2-hour variety show a part of your North Myrtle Beach vacation. They even have two additional shows happening throughout the week: Good Vibrations takes you back to the Good Ol’ Days with classic rock, Motown, and beach music. There is also a light show featuring laser displays set to psychedelic music.

True to our commitment to provide excellent savings through the Endless Fun Club, we are offering discounted tickets through our rental office. You’ll save $3 per ticket just by purchasing through Ocean Drive Beach Rentals. The more you buy, the more you save! Also, The Carolina Opry offers special pricing for children and students. If you have time for two shows while you’re here, buy all your tickets at once to save even more; Good Vibrations tickets cost less if you bundle them with tickets to the Carolina Opry.

While there is plenty to keep you busy on your Grand Strand vacation, you’ll never forget the experience of The Carolina Opry. The beautiful theater has been a mainstay in South Carolina tourism for years, and folks find themselves coming back year after year, summer after summer. If you happen to be in town during the holiday season, check out the Opry’s Christmas Special. It’s a grand event that the locals look forward to every year. When you call us to make your plans for vacation, ask about The Carolina Opry. We can even book your seats for you!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, October 13, 2012

South Carolina Casino Cruises

Chances are if you find yourself in North Myrtle Beach on a long-awaited vacation, you already feel pretty lucky. After all, you’re in one of the most beautiful and fun destinations on the American coast! For those that like to bet on their luck and enjoy casino gaming, you may be disappointed to find that there is no casino anywhere in the state of South Carolina. But wait! Just north of Myrtle Beach, there are boats that head out into the Atlantic Ocean, away from gaming laws, and open up the slots, tables, and roulette wheels!

Vegas-style action cruises around the Carolina coast daily on the Aquasino, operated by SunCruz Casino. Leaving from Little River, SC, this huge cruiser has room for 600 passengers and offers a thrilling 5 hour cruise featuring fine dining, drinks, great ocean views, and of course the heart-pounding action of your favorite classic casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette, slots, and craps.

Also departing from Little River is the Big M Casino. This ship offers cruises every day except Monday, and features an assortment of table games, slots, video poker, and a grand buffet. Plan plenty of time for this experience, as the Big M cruise is also 5 hours on weekdays, and 6 hours on weekends. They also feature nightly cruises so you can eat, drink, and play long into the night.

Each cruise charges an admission fee, but it’s a small price to pay for the experience. Many tourists pay much more on a simple boat ride on other boats. Why not have a little fun while you’re out on the ocean? These trips are perfect for those staying all winter in an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals condo, or an adult-only night while you’re here on family vacation. Leave the kids with a babysitter and enjoy yourself with a tasty dinner, some drinks, and exciting gaming action!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, October 6, 2012

North Myrtle Beach has the Best Fall Festivals

After the vacationers head home at the end of summer and schools are back in session, you’d expect a tourist town like North Myrtle Beach to keep a low profile until summer comes around again. The truth is that the Grand Strand stays alive and kicking with the best fall festivals and events in the Carolinas. Some of these festivals have been around for years and keep the locals looking forward to autumn. Everyone is welcome to join the fun of these offseason activities, and we welcome anyone looking for a great weekend adventure or a full scale vacation to come down and get involved.

If you are lucky enough to be staying in North Myrtle Beach this fall, don’t make the beach the only thing on your to-do list. Fall Bike Week is going on right now, and sounds of pipes and burnouts fill the streets of Myrtle Beach. Most of the activity happens in Myrtle Beach and Murrell’s Inlet’s biker bars and clubs, but plenty of Harleys and other motorcycles can be seen cruising Ocean Blvd and Highway 17 up in North Myrtle. If you like live music and lots of cold beer, don’t miss Oktoberfest on Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach, by the Boardwalk. It’s a party of epic proportions, happening October 6th starting at noon. A family-friendly alternative to Oktoberfest happens down in Surfside Beach, where the Surfside Beach Family Festival offers fun for kids and parents alike. Also on October 6th, this festival will feature a petting zoo, dunking booth, face painting, inflatables, rides, games, and vendor booths.

The annual Taste of the Town will be at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on October 9th. Ever popular with locals, this event showcases one of the best parts of the Myrtle Beach area: the food. Dozens of restaurants participate with vendor booths, offering samples of gourmet food and beverage. Kids’ activities and music are great additions to the celebration of local dining. Also celebrating a special type of food is Little River, with their Little River Shrimpfest. This quaint little town north of Myrtle Beach is the perfect spot to sample various shrimp dishes and hear local bands perform. Kids’ activities and arts & crafts vendors will be available as well. This event is too big for one day, so it will be held on October 13th and 14th. Other food festivals include the Chili cook-off at Crazy Sister Marina in Murrell’s Inlet on October 14th, Myrtle Beach Wine Fest on October 20th at Market Common’s Valor Park, and the Loris Bog-Off Festival in downtown Loris, SC. Chicken bog is a traditional South Carolina dish and will be featured.

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals will participate in the Endless Summer Festival on Main St in North Myrtle Beach on October 27th. This street festival will feature vendor booths, local seafood and crafts, and live music. Come by and say hello as we celebrate our happy little beach town! Finally, The SC State Bluegrass Festival will take place at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center November 22 – 24. The state’s best musicians will come together and delight listeners with southern-flavored bluegrass and country music. If you are interested in one of these events, call us for more info. We’ll even take care of the accommodations if you’re from out of town!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, September 29, 2012

North Myrtle Beach Luxury Rentals

North Myrtle Beach has the best beach, seafood, golf, shopping, and attractions on the East Coast, and for those reasons millions of people come to vacation on the Grand Strand every year. Of course you can have a great trip in the Myrtle Beach area simply by staying in a hotel close to the beach. But then there are those with discriminating tastes that are searching for the perfect accommodations to suit their upscale needs. Whether you want to treat your family to a special vacation, or just want a little extra room and upgraded furnishings, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is the place to go for great luxury options.

We have luxury properties to suit small or large groups, from 1 to 24 people. Do you want to treat your spouse to a romantic weekend in an oceanfront condo? Check out our one bedroom luxury condo at the Prince Resort. If you need more room for multiple families, take a look at our five bedroom penthouse-style condo at Windy Hill Dunes. We even have some beautiful beach houses that will satisfy your refined taste for fine accommodations. Are you one of those who love to go all-out for vacation? Your trip is an important investment, providing memorable time with your family and the chance to ease into a relaxing state of mind. Renting a luxury property will make it easier and more fun to vacation with the ones you love.

Windy Hill Dunes 1603

The cost of renting a luxury unit versus a typical condo may not be as expensive as you think. Decide beforehand what a reasonable budget would be, and then compare prices. You’ll also want to have a good idea of the desired amenities and location of your vacation rental. You may just find exactly what you’re looking for and more! And don’t worry about providing linens and towels. All our luxury units automatically come with a provided linen package! Our upscale properties are usually the first to book for the upcoming vacation season, so take a look at our luxury condos and houses, or give us a call. We’re ready to help you plan your dream vacation!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Friday, September 21, 2012

SOS Week in North Myrtle Beach

It is late September in North Myrtle Beach, and to us that means one thing: Shag Week. The September meeting of the SOS group is by far the biggest Shag convention of the year, and attracts folks from all around the country to dance, reconnect with old friends, and enjoy South Carolina’s beach. SOS (“Society of Stranders” or “Shaggers on the Strand”) is a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy and participate in the Shag, a popular dance originating on the Carolina coast.

Though the Shag began as a version of the swing-driven Jitterbug, it became a distinct style of dance when “beach music” became increasingly popular in the 1950s. Many variations of shagging exist in different regions of the US, but the Carolina Shag is considered by some to be the original; a nostalgic reminder of simpler times and the carefree beach lifestyle of yesteryear.

Today, SOS convenes in the North Myrtle Beach area to Shag, meet new Stranders, catch up with familiar friends, and party through the week. They keep the dance tradition going strong, and they are one of the reasons North Myrtle Beach is so unique. One of the goals of the Society is to pass on the Shag to future generations. We hope shagging and beach music stays alive and SOS week continues to take place here year after year. At Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we always look forward to seeing the same folks check in to our properties before each SOS event, eager to meet up at Duck’s, Fat Harold’s, the OD Arcade, or any of the other popular Shag clubs. If you are a Shagger, or are curious to see what this special dance culture is all about, give us a call and come see for yourself!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Monday, September 17, 2012

Plan now for your 2013 North Myrtle Beach Vacation

When it comes to preparing for your family’s vacation, the early bird gets the worm. Or better yet, the early bird get first pick of fabulous oceanfront properties!

You may be tempted to think that there’s no need to plan so far in advance for vacation. After all it’s only September, and summer hasn’t even officially ended yet. The truth is that this is the best time to solidify your plans for 2013, especially if you plan on coming earlier in the year. Certain high-demand 2013 weeks will start to fill up this fall, such as Memorial Day week, Independence Day week, September SOS week, and a few others. If your plans include staying during one of these “peak weeks” you’ll want to secure your spot now to avoid being left out. Every year we reluctantly turn away those procrastinators who waited until it was too late to book their condo or house. Though we wish we could accommodate everyone, there is simply more demand than supply for these dates.

Even if you don’t expect to visit on a peak week, there is another benefit of reserving a place early. Since most weeks are still open for summer 2013, guests who book now will get first choice of properties. Though you might save some money if you wait to book until a month or two before your vacation, you may find that there is not much to choose from. Those vacationers who loved their condo this year will probably want to book it again for next year. If you already know what you want, why not make sure no one else claims your vacation week? It’s better to not take the chance and risk settling for a property that is less than ideal for your group.

We are adding new properties to our rental program all the time, so check our inventory often to see what’s new. You may find that one of these properties will fit your needs perfectly. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals’ staff is ready to help you plan your 2013 vacation every step of the way. Call us now to make sure your next vacation is the one your family will remember forever!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Like Ocean Drive Beach Rentals on Facebook

At Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we are truly your vacation rental authority. We take that statement seriously because we understand how important it is that our guests deal with a company that knows vacations, our properties, and the local area inside and out. We encourage anyone and everyone to “like” us on Facebook in order to get more out of vacation.

The Grand Stand is a unique vacation destination because it is made up of several small communities surrounding Myrtle Beach. There is so much more to our region than just the attractions and the beach. Being connected to us through Facebook or Twitter means that you’ll be automatically updated on special deals, new properties, suggestions for activities, and news about our community. We’ll feature local businesses and attractions that you may consider visiting while you’re here on vacation. We even have an annual summer photo contest that is open exclusively to our Facebook following with a spectacular grand prize: a free weekend stay at the famous Ocean Drive Resort!

As our world becomes more and more connected through social media, it becomes easier to share thoughts and pictures with those who are close to you. If you are thinking about a vacation but are not sure where to go or what property to choose, share our page or some of our property photos with your friends and family who will be vacationing with you. We welcome our Facebook friends to share their experiences, photos, and suggestions on our page. If you had a great time in North Myrtle Beach this year, we want to hear about it! It’s also a great place to ask questions or request information on booking a vacation. Visit our page from time to time to see what’s new. It’ll put you in the vacation spirit no matter the season!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Your one-stop-shop for all of Myrtle Beach’s best attractions

Here at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we try our best to provide a perfect value-based vacation to our guests. We do this in many different ways, such as offering low rates for rental properties, adding free meals and entertainment to our reservation packages, and including guests in our Endless Fun Club. Another way we provide value to guests is by selling tickets to area attractions at discounted prices.

During the prime summer season, the majority of our guests are in North Myrtle Beach to experience all the famous Grand Strand has to offer. This means world-class shopping, dining, entertainment, and exciting attractions. We sell tickets to Ripley’s Aquarium, Ripley’s Museum, WonderWorks, NASCAR Speedpark, and Myrtle Waves Waterpark. All these spectacular venues are in the Myrtle Beach area, about 20-30 minutes away from North Myrtle Beach. Though some folks are content with the laid-back atmosphere in North Myrtle, most families want to explore the area and see the attractions for themselves. If you plan on going to these places anyway, why not save a buck or two on each ticket? We understand that every dollar counts when vacationing on a budget, so we offer all our tickets at a discounted price. A family of five will save about $12 by buying their aquarium tickets in our office; and no waiting in long lines!

Those who are visiting the Myrtle Beach area for the first time may find themselves a little overwhelmed by the activity, traffic, and endless choices for family entertainment. Rest assured that you don’t have to plan your entire vacation before you come. When it’s time to check in to your rental property, ask for recommendations from our knowledgeable staff. We have seen just about every attraction here in town, and can always suggest wonderful places to eat, drink, relax, and play. Buy your tickets when you check in to save time. We’ll even give you directions! We hope to see you soon for your next vacation.

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jet Ski Dolphin Tour in Little River, South Carolina

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Jet Ski dolphin tour at Myrtle Beach Watersports in Little River, SC. It was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone vacationing in the Myrtle Beach area.

The tour leaves from Little River, just north of North Myrtle Beach. If you are staying in an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals condo, it would take you no longer than 15 minutes to drive to Myrtle Beach Watersports’ Little River location. My wife and I were greeted by friendly staff right away, who made us feel at ease in the midst of a new experience. After waiting for the other members of the tour to arrive, we made our way to a small dock and were fitted for life jackets. Our tour guide then introduced himself and briefed the group on safety procedures, and we were on the water in no time. Following the guide, we started out on the Intracoastal Waterway, getting familiar with the jet skis as we wound our way through the curves and out to the ocean.

The Little River Inlet is a busy traffic area for tour boats and fishing vessels, so we took it slow through the no-wake zone where the sea comes inland. After we cleared the barrier islands on the inlet, the open ocean greeted the group as we headed single-file to the dolphin viewing area. The ocean water is much rougher than the surface of the waterway, so it took a lot of care and finesse to keep the Jet Ski upright and moving briskly along. Five minutes later, we slowed to a stop about a mile offshore and waited.

Soon, dolphins appeared all around us. Their heads emerged from the water just long enough to take a breath, so I had to be especially attentive to catch a glimpse of them. They would come up for air in groups of about ten, and go under again. Every few minutes they would pop up here and there, and sometimes would come so close I felt I could reach out and touch them! The dolphins were obviously comfortable with our presence, even as we all tapped our throttles to try to keep up with them. It was a great feeling to be so close to animals you rarely see, especially in their natural environment. The dolphin-spotting game went on for 45 minutes or so until they had moved on.

On the way back to the dock, our guide gave us the opportunity to explore the inlet area on the Jet Skis, and there we were able to zip around as fast as we pleased. The group was more comfortable with the equipment at this point, so we headed back into the waterway at a much quicker pace. We were treated to amazing views of the waterway and salt marshes as we made the trip back to the dock. Before leaving, the staff offered us a professionally framed photo and the DVD of the video footage our guide had taken on the trip. The whole trip lasted about 3 hours, and we paid $65 per person, plus a tip for the guide. The money was well worth the memorable experience. The Jet Skis alone are a blast to use, and the dolphin sightings made the trip even better. Make plans to take the Jet Ski Dolphin Tour on your next vacation, and your family will be talking about it for months afterwards!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Rental Property in North Myrtle Beach

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is pleased to introduce our newest property: a beautiful four-bedroom house called The Beach Jewel. As frequent North Myrtle Beach vacationers know, location is an important factor in choosing a rental property. This house is situated on 5th Avenue North and Ocean Blvd, right in the central Ocean Drive area of town. Popular restaurants, charming beach shops, and attractions are all within walking distance. Best of all, The Beach Jewel is right across the street from the beach, with an access point a short walk from the front door.

Besides being conveniently located, this property has room for a large family with its 4 bedrooms, two living rooms, and 3 bathrooms. There’s even a dining room that can be closed off for a more private dining experience. The restaurant-style kitchen table is great for the kids, and a TV built right into the kitchen cabinets is perfect for morning cartoons or watching the news while you cook. A wrap-around porch and large balcony provide all the outdoor room you could want for unwinding and catching the gentle ocean breezes.

The Beach Jewel also comes equipped with a laundry/utility room for keeping up with the chores, and a security system will give you peace of mind while you’re away enjoying the Grand Strand. The bright sitting area at the top of the stairs is a nice spot to relax with a book and cup of tea. There is also a small balcony on the rear of the house, complete with bistro table for an afternoon snack or private phone call. The big landscaped yard will surely prompt a game of catch or Frisbee, or use the open space to lay out and soak up the sun.

This property is perfect for family vacations, reunions, and SOS groups. Book a late summer vacation, or get a head start on 2013 by reserving your week of choice now. Call Ocean Drive Beach Rentals today to plan your next vacation!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Money Saving Tips for Your North Myrtle Beach Vacation

With a recessed economy, Americans seem to be a lot more concerned with how much they are getting for their money. People are shopping around for the best deals on everything, and summer vacation is no different. After researching flights and accommodations to an exotic overseas location, you will be relieved to see what it costs for a vacation to North Myrtle Beach. For roughly the cost of a single plane ticket, you can drive your entire family to the east coast, luggage and all. And no long lines, crowded terminals, or security hassles!

Accommodations in North Myrtle Beach may be your biggest expense, but by staying across the street from the beach or in one of our channel homes, you could save hundreds on your vacation. Eating at the area’s famous seafood restaurants every night can get expensive fast, so plan to buy fresh fish and shrimp at a seafood market and cook it at your rental property. You can feed your whole family for a third of what you would pay at a big seafood buffet. If you do go out for dinner, ask around about the best places to eat. There’s no need to spend up to $30 per person at a “tourist trap” restaurant.

Bike rentals are readily available around town, so unless you plan on driving long distances, consider renting bicycles for the kids or even the whole family to get around. This could save a few bucks on gas, and also adds freedom for each person to come and go as they please.

Myrtle Beach has great tourist attractions, but if you have already seen them you might skip the expense and opt for a movie rental, mini golf, Pelicans baseball game, or any of the free activities in the Grand Strand. Take advantage of free fireworks displays and live entertainment throughout the summer. Also, check online event calendars for things to do each day you’re here. Remember, North Myrtle Beach’s most popular attraction (the beach) is always free!

Another great way to save money is by coming prepared. Make a checklist of everything you will need for vacation and don’t leave the house until each item is checked off. Double-check your supplies so you don’t have to stop for sunscreen or towels on the way to the beach. Ask an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals staff member for additional tips when you check in. We’ll even give you coupons and automatic savings with our Endless Fun Club!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Monday, August 6, 2012

New Vacation Specials for North Myrtle Beach

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals has had a very successful summer so far, thanks to the thousands of guests that chose our rental properties as their home base during vacation. We have saved our guests money all summer long by offering value programs and specials designed to make their visit to North Myrtle Beach a little easier on the wallet. As the beginning of the school year marks the end of the traditional tourist season, we are still going strong with late summer specials that provide great incentives to come to the beach before summer winds down.

August and September are prime months to plan your weekly vacation for a number of reasons. We want to add value to our guests’ vacation, and one way we do this is with the Endless Fun Club. Also, in the spirit of saving vacation dollars, allow us to introduce our Endless Summer Special. If you book a weekly vacation August 18th – September 8th, you will receive dinner for four and breakfast for four at Ocean Drive Resort’s fabulous oceanfront restaurant. Enjoy a perfectly cooked steak with all the trimmings, or a giant flounder sandwich while you watch the waves roll in with your family. After your dinner, head to the OD Pavilion Amusement Park for some family friendly fun. The oceanfront amusement park is all-new for 2012 with exciting rides and carnival games. By the way, all this is FREE with your weekly reservation.

The OD Pavilion Amusement Park

The OD Amusement Park closes after Labor Day, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. For weekly vacations September 8th – 30th, take advantage of low offseason rates, plus dinner and breakfast for four absolutely free. Call us to make arrangements for your August or September vacation. You will be impressed by our “bang for the buck”!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, July 28, 2012

North Myrtle Beach Nature Activities

If you are lucky enough to be on vacation this week, chances are you already have your week planned out with beach activities, golf, shopping, or visits to the many famous attractions around Myrtle Beach. But if you find a gap in your schedule and want to treat your family to an all-day adventure, head south to Huntington Beach State Park.

The park is just outside of Murrell’s Inlet, south of Myrtle Beach on Highway 17. For a small admission fee, you can view an incredibly diverse southern coastal environment, which has been called one of the best spots for bird watching on the east coast. You can even spot wild alligators and other wildlife from the numerous observation decks. Huntington’s beach is one of the best around, and is typically less crowded than Myrtle Beach. If you want some exercise, rent a bike and explore the park’s 26 miles of bike trails! You can even stop for a picnic lunch in one of the public shelters by the beach. Another great site to visit at Huntington is Atalaya, a fortress by the sea that was built almost 100 years ago for sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington.

Atalaya Castle at Huntington Beach State Park

Brookgreen Gardens is just down the road from Huntington Park and will take your breath away with its many acres of botanical gardens. Take a self-guided tour through the expertly landscaped grounds, with several displays of flowers, shrubs, trees, and sculptures. Enjoy a relaxing walk around the gardens and admire the beauty of nature.

Pawley’s Island and Litchfield Beach are small beach towns just south of Brookgreen Gardens, and are worth stopping for. Little stores like the Hammock Shop invite you in with their local crafts and southern charm. Have dinner in one of the small seafood restaurants in either town, or in Murrell’s Inlet on your way back. You won’t find fresher seafood anywhere on the beach! South Carolina’s environment is unique and interesting. Take a closer look at the natural splendor and quiet beauty of the area while you’re here on vacation – you will not regret it!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Monday, July 23, 2012

North Myrtle Beach’s “Endless Summer”

One of the greatest benefits of living or vacationing in South Carolina is the mild climate. The winter is relatively warm and snow-less, the spring is cool and green, and the summer weather lasts well into autumn. Of course early to mid-summer is the season of choice for vacations, especially for families with children that head back to school in August. As the tourist exodus occurs around the beginning of the school season, it leaves almost half of the summer open for prime vacationing opportunities.

The period from mid-August until late September may be the best time to take a trip out to the Grand Strand. First, the rental rates for condos and houses decrease dramatically. It is not uncommon to find a condo for half the cost of a weekly rental in July. If you were not able to book a trip to North Myrtle Beach due to price, look for great deals in September. Accommodations become much more affordable after Labor Day, even for luxury properties.

Dates are also more flexible. Most rental companies will only allow a weekly stay during the summer, but partial week rentals become available in September. If it’s a weekend vacation you want, then plan your trip for a week or two after Labor Day. You’ll enjoy great summer weather and a welcoming beach community at a fraction of the cost of a typical summer vacation!

The Cherry Grove Beach in North Myrtle Beach

Perhaps the best reason to plan a trip for late summer is the diminishing crowd. After most people head home around the first or second week in August, the Myrtle Beach area will become much less congested. Traffic is lighter, restaurant wait times are shorter, and the beach and popular attractions are less crowded. You’ll have room to spread out, which will make relaxing much more effortless. The Atlantic Ocean stays warm until October, so don’t worry about swimming in cold water. Come stretch out on the beach, catch some waves, and enjoy North Myrtle Beach’s “endless summer”!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shopping in North Myrtle Beach

Perhaps the best thing about vacationing in the Grand Strand is that there is something for everyone. Kids have museums, Ripley’s Aquarium, mini golf, and water parks. Men have fishing and golf. And women can take a day of their own and shop ‘til they drop! With several world-class shopping outlets and establishments throughout Myrtle Beach, the deals and merchandise are endless!

If you want to take a ladies’ day out and go shopping from North Myrtle Beach, go south to the Tanger Outlets, located on Hwy 17 at Hwy 22. There are literally hundreds of stores with designer brands from every category. From American Eagle to Zales Jewelry and everything in between (including a food court serving top-quality food), you could spend your whole day at this famous shopping Mecca!

But you don’t have to stop there; drive further south to Broadway at the Beach to browse the outdoor mall and boardwalk. One-of-a-kind shops line the cobblestone “streets”, inviting you in with interesting gadgets, homemade fudge and candy, novelty gifts, designer clothes and accessories, and exotic décor. While you’re there, check out Celebrity Square, an array of fine dining restaurants and nightclubs. Bring your kids to Broadway at the Beach and treat them to customized souvenirs like teddy bears at Build-a-Bear or tricked-out model cars at RideMakerz.

The Market Common at Myrtle Beach is truly shopping at its best. Upscale stores and restaurants are encased in historic-style architecture, with private lofts above that house year-round residents. This creates a "town square" kind of feel, complete with a central park for special events. After your full day of shopping, pamper yourself with a massage at Dolce Lusso Salon & Spa, and have dinner at P.F. Chang’s or Tommy Bahama.

The Market Common at Myrtle Beach

On your way back to North Myrtle Beach, stop at Barefoot Landing to check out the gift shops and take a walk across the lake on their wooden bridges. There are plenty of specialty shops and unique restaurants, where you can relax and have drinks and dessert. There is simply too much shopping to do in one day, so you might have to split your time between a few days, or just hit one or two of these shopping complexes. Also, you are never too far from a beach store when you vacation in North Myrtle Beach. It seems there is one on every corner! Pick up beach towels, gifts, and souvenirs at shops like Eagles or Pacific Beachwear. When you check in to your Ocean Drive Beach Rental, ask a friendly staff member for suggestions on shopping!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Traffic Tips for Your North Myrtle Beach Vacation

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area become a melting pot of vacationers, hosting people from all over the eastern half of the United States. The Grand Strand is a great drive-to destination, but with so many cars on our roads, traffic can become a bit of a headache unless you are familiar with the short-cuts and alternate routes. Keep the following tips in mind while driving around town, and they will save you some frustration and valuable vacation time.

There is a string of small towns surrounding Myrtle Beach, from the border of North Carolina all the way to Georgetown, about 60 miles south. Highway 17 conveniently connects all these towns together, and makes navigating between them simple. But in the summer, simple does not mean quick. While some might enjoy a two-hour cruise from North Myrtle Beach to Pawley’s Island, most vacationers are trying to get somewhere in as little time as possible. Highway 31, also called Carolina Bays Pkwy, was built to relieve traffic on Highway 17, giving drivers a quick alternate route from Little River to Murrell’s Inlet. Vacationers reap the benefit of this freeway, particularly if they are going from their condo in North Myrtle Beach to the popular attractions in Myrtle Beach. Getting to Highway 31 is easy; just head west on Main St, cross Highway 17, and after about 2 miles, take a left onto SC 31. From there you can exit near the Tanger Outlet Stores off Highway 22, Take Robert Grissom Pkwy to Broadway at the Beach, or get off on Highway 501 for access to Myrtle Beach.

Highway 31 near North Myrtle Beach

If you’re not going far and just want to drive to Restaurant Row or Barefoot Landing, you can take a short-cut to avoid Highway 17 and its heavy traffic. For guests staying in Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive, or Crescent Beach, you can take Ocean Blvd as far as 27th Ave South, and cut over to Highway 17. For those staying in Windy Hill, you can take Ocean Blvd all the way to 48th Ave South. Ocean Blvd has lower speed limits, but is less congested and has fewer traffic lights. If you do find yourself stuck in traffic, try not to let it ruin your day. You can amuse yourself and your family by planning the rest of your trip, talking about your favorite parts of your vacation, or seeing how many states are represented by license plate. While you’re at our office getting the keys for your rental property, ask a staff member for other tips for traffic and attractions. We’d love to help you!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Live Entertainment in North Myrtle Beach

The Grand Strand area has a claim to fame in all sorts of categories. World-class shopping, golf, restaurants, and beaches draw millions of people to Myrtle Beach every summer. After a long day of shopping or hanging out on the beach, vacationers love to spend the warm nights inside, either at one of the exciting clubs at Broadway at the Beach, or watching a variety show at one of the area’s renowned theaters.

Live entertainment is a big part of the South Carolina vacation experience. Top-rated shows like The Carolina Opry or “One” at the Alabama Theater wow audiences with their professional musicians, original comedy sketches, and fantastic lights. These productions are extremely popular, and they stay updated with new material every year. The Legends Theater features several celebrity impersonators that put on a show that rivals the real thing. Treat your family to the critically-acclaimed shows at one of these theaters. They are sure to have a great time!

The Carolina Opry

For a kid-friendly adventure, look no further than Pirate’s Voyage. This live-action dinner show has amazing acrobatics, a huge pirate ship sailing in real water, and quality food that will satisfy the whole family. Formerly the Dixie Stampede, this theater has shows every night of the week. Sail in for a night of adventure on the high seas!

Other popular entertainment includes a dinner show at Medieval Times, acrobats at the Palace Theater, stand-up comedy at the Comedy Cabana, and live bands at many of the area bars and restaurants. Walk around Broadway at the Beach or the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk at night and you may be lucky enough to stumble upon some talented street performers! Check out this page for more info, or give us a call for vacation packages. Our live entertainment helps make us the best vacation destination on the East coast!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Check out our unparalleled property management!

Summer is definitely heating up, and vacationers from all over the east and mid-eastern states are congregating in North Myrtle Beach. This year, more guests than ever are coming to Ocean Drive Beach Rentals for an unforgettable vacation. We value our guests and place them first in our business, but we also love the opportunity to serve another kind of customer; the homeowner.

We understand that our business would not be possible without all the great homeowners we have on our rental program. Their properties serve as the home away from home to countless guests throughout the summer. Our inventory is filled with extraordinary and unique homes and condos, thanks to the homeowners that allow us to rent and maintain their property. And just as we want to reach out to potential guests, we also try to reach out to homeowners to invite them to try our property management services.

We are so confident in our property management that we are offering North Myrtle Beach homeowners the opportunity to sign a rental contract with us, with a low 5% commission rate. This rate is good for a full year from the contract signing, if they join our program before the end of 2012. We have had a great deal of success with our properties in the area, and we hope to expand even more by next season. If you or someone you know owns property in North Myrtle Beach, call us today for a consultation. Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Do you really need Travel Insurance for your trip?

It’s a question we get asked often at our office. Vacationers eager to make the trip to North Myrtle Beach want to know – do I really need to get trip insurance?

The answer is as simple as your situation. Are you secure in your employment? Is there any chance you will lose income before your vacation? Are you on active duty in the military? Is a close family member sick? By answering these questions, you can be closer to making a decision about trip insurance.

Travel Insurance works similarly to other insurances; if you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances, you would file a claim with the insurance company. They review your claim, along with any necessary paperwork and forms, and issue your refund if the reason for cancellation is covered. Most situations out of your control are covered, such as sickness or death of a family member, military duty, jury duty, loss of employment, missed connections, severe weather, and car accidents. Travel Guard, our insurance carrier, automatically offers other travel benefits to guests who purchase coverage. These extra perks include medical and emergency assistance, travel assistance, concierge services, identity theft protection, and roadside assistance.

The cost of this insurance is minimal and depends on your total trip cost. If you are booking a trip this summer, ask about travel insurance. If you have already made a reservation, call us to add it. You want to enjoy your vacation without worrying about things that are out of your control. You never know what could happen while on vacation, and you’re better off safe than sorry!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Economy Vacations in North Myrtle Beach

Like so many other places in America, South Carolina is feeling the effects of a slow economy. But North Myrtle Beach has the advantage of being a drive-to destination for millions of people who live near the east coast. Folks from thousands of miles around pack themselves and their luggage into the family car and road-trip down to the Grand Strand for beaches, seafood, sunshine, and beautiful resorts that rival anything in Hawaii, the Florida Keyes, or the Caribbean. And for the price of just flying your family to a far-off vacation spot, you can drive to North Myrtle Beach, afford a place to stay, cook fresh seafood in your condo’s full-size kitchen, and still have enough cash left over for souvenirs.

If you consider yourself a professional bargain hunter, there are special hidden gems around town that you can rent for your family’s summer vacation. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals has several properties of all sizes that cater to the price-conscious consumer. Ask yourself these questions: Is it necessary that you have an ocean view? Do you need to be within walking distance of everything or can you settle for driving a few minutes to attractions and restaurants? Do you want to pamper yourself with a new resort with all the amenities, or can your family get by with basic amenities and classic décor? Some families simply want a place to stay that is close to the beach and has enough beds for everyone. All our economy units are clean, safe, and some are even across the street from the beach! If you can settle for an ocean view condo rather than ocean front, you could save hundreds without sacrificing amenities.

Shorehaven D1, an economy property

Just because you can’t afford to take the whole family to Cancun or Disney World this summer doesn’t mean you have to stay home. You also don’t need to stay in a Five-Star resort to enjoy all that North Myrtle Beach has to offer. Give us a call and ask about our second row and economy units. We’re sure to have something for every budget. Book within a week of your arrival date to save even more! We would love to have you as our guest this summer.

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tips for Enjoying Bike Week

As Atlantic Bike Week is well underway, the streets are swarming with motorcycles of all shapes and sizes. Bikers from New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida converge on the Myrtle Beach area on Memorial Day weekend, turning the whole Grand Strand into one giant Bike Fest. It’s truly a sight to behold as Highway 17 is overflowing with motorcycle traffic. Some drivers are skittish around so much activity, and not everyone will be conscientious on the road.

Whether you are a biker or driving a car, the best way to avoid accidents is to be a defensive driver. It’s no use succumbing to road rage and lashing out at other people, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Instead of being impatient because traffic is moving too slow, take the time to admire all the unusual motorcycles around you. Some people get very creative with modifications and paint on their bikes, and some are great works of art. Always be aware of what’s going on around you. This means no cell phone use, loud music, or any other distractions behind the wheel. Some bikers will break traffic laws, speed, squeeze between cars, and fail to use turn signals. It’s better to plan for these actions and maneuver around them than to hurt someone, even if it’s their fault. If you want to avoid heavy traffic, plan to take alternate routes to play it safe and arrive at your destination sooner.

If you are on a motorcycle, be courteous to other drivers. Have a decisive plan of action before you get on the road so you don’t have to stop and discuss directions with your group. There is a time and place for burnouts, tricks, wheelies, and engine revving. Quiet neighborhoods and back roads are not that place. When traffic is slower, just go with the flow of the other vehicles rather than ride on the shoulder or between lanes. The residents of North Myrtle Beach welcome bikers, but they also want everyone to be safe and thoughtful of others. Bike Week is all about fun, so be careful that someone else’s fun is not spoiled by what you are doing.

Memorial Day weekend is one of the most exciting times to be in North Myrtle Beach. There is so much to see and do during Bike Week, and you can feel the energy in the air as the motorcycles roar down the road. At Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we want our biker guests to come back year after year, so follow these tips to make sure everyone stays safe and has a great time!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Driver Beach Rentals

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Main Street: The Center of Small-Town North Myrtle Beach

If you’ve never been to North Myrtle Beach, you’re missing out on one of the best vacation spots in the country. While Myrtle Beach is more famous for its many attractions, North Myrtle Beach offers close proximity to the same attractions, but with more of a small-town feel. Once you turn off Highway 17 and head away from all the traffic, quiet neighborhoods, shops and restaurants, smaller resorts, and beach houses make up North Myrtle Beach. At the center of it all is Main Street.

Main Street runs from Highway 17 to Ocean Boulevard and is the major throughway from the larger resorts in Ocean Drive out to the Highway. But it’s more than just a road. It captures the nostalgic feeling of a small town square in a classic American vacation town. Tourists and locals alike love to browse the specialty shops, eat at the famous cafes, and hang out on the beach beyond Ocean Blvd. In the summer, the “horseshoe” area at the end of Main Street is alive with live music and vacationers enjoying the nightlife. On special holidays, the street is closed to traffic, and extravagant parades make their way through town. There are also festivals in Main Street throughout the year, like the Endless Summer Festival in October. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals enthusiastically participates in several of these activities.

Ocean Drive Resort, the Ashworth, the Avista, and Ocean Bay Club are just a few resorts within walking distance of Main Street. These are popular vacation destinations, and you can conceivably park your car at your condo and never use it while you’re here. Entertainment, restaurants, and grocery stores are all conveniently located on Main Street, so walk or rent a bike to save money on vacation! We rent units at all the major Ocean Drive area resorts, so be part of the action and explore Main Street this summer!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Beach Regulations for North Myrtle Beach

The time has come for summer vacation, and soon tourists from all over the country will be flocking to North Myrtle Beach to take advantage of our world-famous beaches. Millions of people will head out to the beach to soak up the sun, play in the water, and enjoy relaxing walks down the coastline. While city officials want every family to have a great beach vacation and come back next year, they also want to ensure that certain rules are followed so that everyone is safe and each person remains considerate of the people around them.

The new beach regulations for 2012 are mostly unchanged from last year. They include rules on beach umbrellas and chairs, digging holes in the sand, and other safety guidelines. Perhaps the most welcomed new rule concerns laser pointers. In the past, young vacationers would sometimes bring high-powered colored laser pointers to the beach and shine them on beach combers at night. Also, some beach-goers used them to light up resort walls and point them into condos on the oceanfront. Understandably, some Myrtle Beach guests were upset that their vacation nights were imposed upon by distracting lasers bouncing all over the beach. The new ordinance will prohibit the use of laser pointers on the beach, putting an end to the pesky problem.

The new regulations are already in effect and are being enforced on the beach now. A complete list of these rules can be found here. Though regulated, the use of beach equipment is still permitted and welcome. Guests often ask us where they can rent beach chairs and umbrellas. To rent these items, call (843) 280-5684. Remember to follow beach regulations, and have a great summer out on the Grand Strand!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Save Big in North Myrtle Beach

At Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we’re always thinking of new ways to bring families to the beach for the lowest price possible. We have put together some awesome specials for May and early June, and we want to invite all our blog readers to get in on the savings! Right now, we’re offering up to 40% off houses and condos with a 5 night minimum, and 25% off weekend stays of 3-4 nights. Vacation rental prices are rarely this low, and we won’t be able to offer deep discounts like this for long. If you’re looking for a bottom-dollar vacation, it’s a great idea to take advantage of this special and book a 2nd or 3rd row property. Though the beach is usually not visible from these homes, it is very close and easily accessible. We have several beautiful properties in our inventory that fit in this category, and we’d love to have you as our guest this spring.

Avista 209

It’s also the best time of year for a couple’s weekend getaway. Browse our one bedroom oceanfront properties and call us for a romantic weekend trip you’ll never forget. Or, bring another couple and rent a two bedroom unit to save even more! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and get to work creating a customized vacation for you. Give us a call or visit our website to find out more, and we hope to see you soon!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Featured Properties

At Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, we are always adding new and exciting properties to our inventory. We only choose the best rentals we can find for every family size and budget. Two new properties have recently joined the Ocean Drive rental program, and we are pleased to offer them to guests who choose to spend their vacation in North Myrtle Beach!

Carolina Reef 703 is a one bedroom condo located near 15th Ave South on Ocean Boulevard. The light blue interior and contemporary décor welcome you as you step into your perfect vacation getaway. Plenty of room for four people, a full kitchen, new furniture, and a big balcony are featured, along with the unlimited free ocean views you get with each oceanfront unit! Cool off in the on-site pool, or warm up on the beach sand, just steps away from your condo.

Carolina Reef 703

Verandas 807 is a large two bedroom condo near Main St. This unit is currently being updated with new flooring and décor! In addition to the great location, there is plenty of room for a larger family or a few couples. This unit is on the side of the building, offering views of both the sprawling Atlantic and the Ocean Drive area. If it’s the beach you want, just take the elevator downstairs and you’re there.

Like all of our rentals, when you reserve one of these properties you have automatic access to all the benefits of being an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals guest. Take advantage of savings through our exclusive Endless Fun Club, where area restaurants and businesses offer you a special perk just for staying with us. We are also hard at work preparing for the summer season with irresistible deals and specials, so call us today to plan your vacation!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We Have More Than Just a Great Beach!

There’s no doubt that the ocean draws thousands of vacationers to the Grand Strand every year. When summer comes, we have a natural urge to cool off in the water, whether that be in a pool or on the beach. When you come to North Myrtle Beach, you come for everything the beach has to offer; especially our warm water, mild surf, and endless miles of soft sand. We’ve written in the past about our favorite places to hang out on the beach, but there’s more to the South Carolina coast than just the ocean.

The Intracoastal Waterway runs right through North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach, and offers calm waters for small to mid-size boats to cruise anywhere along the east coast of the US. Vacationers use the waterway for sailing, fishing, kayaking, and jet skiing, and there are plenty of businesses that rent the appropriate equipment. You can rent the watercraft of your choice and float down the waterway as long or short as you’d like, and even stop to see the many Grand Strand attractions along the way. If you don’t want to get in the water, you can arrange to eat at one of the waterside restaurants that feature decks. You won’t soon forget sitting down to a plate of your favorite seafood while watching the sunset and the boats sailing by.

If you come here to fish in the ocean, or if you just want to cruise in the open sea, you can access it through the Little River Inlet, just north of North Myrtle Beach. If you don’t have your own boat, just join a charter group at Hurricane Fleet and fish off their boat or sign up for their scenic Dolphin Cruise. There are also several lakes and rivers to fish, canoe, or kayak in within a few hours’ drive.

Whether you want to take full advantage of all the water-based activities in North Myrtle Beach, or just lay out on the beach and relax with a book, it’s all here. Start planning your vacation now and contact us for accommodations!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Save with our Endless Fun Club Program!

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals strives to make every vacation memorable and fun for each of our guests. As we ensure that your time spent on the beach is the best it can be, we constantly look out for ways that guests can save money while they’re here. Last year we created the Endless Fun Club, which offers special discounts at participating businesses and restaurants, just by showing an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals room key. This year, we are adding more and more businesses to our Endless Fun Club to make sure we are the leader in accommodating vacationing families. We’d like to welcome Mykonos Greek Restaurant and Preston’s Seafood Buffet to our program. We are also going to be selling discounted tickets to the new WonderWorks museum in Myrtle Beach.

The famous WonderWorks' "upside - down building"

As we grow the number of partnerships with area businesses, we welcome any suggestions from past guests. Is there a business you frequent while you’re on vacation? Let us know on our Facebook page where you’d like to have a discount or special perk in the North Myrtle Beach area!

Also, be on the lookout for new attractions and restaurants joining the Endless Fun Club. Check out our full list of participants under the “specials” tab on our website, and keep these places in mind the next time you’re here. We love providing unparalleled service to our guests!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Monday, March 5, 2012

What's the Difference?

When families are looking to vacation in South Carolina, the first place that comes to mind is the Grand Strand. Right in the middle of the Grand Strand is the area’s most popular tourist destination, Myrtle Beach. While this little town has its own claim to fame as one of the best vacationing spots on the East Coast, there are other charming beach communities that form one long, continuous chain down the beach.

One of these small communities is North Myrtle Beach. It’s easy to confuse Myrtle Beach with North Myrtle Beach, but folks that have been coming down for a long time know that there are several distinctions between the neighboring cities. NMB is its own town, not the “Northern” part of Myrtle Beach, and people that spend their vacation here have quite a different experience from those staying a little further south. The most noticeable difference may be the crowds. While Highway 17 can be congested for miles, traffic seems to be lighter up in NMB. In the summer, there are always people outside enjoying the beachside amusement park and shops on Main Street, but cars will never crowd the area, making for a relaxing drive wherever you need to go. NMB is much smaller than Myrtle Beach, so you’ll get the feeling you’re in a safe, friendly community right away.

Even though NMB is smaller, don’t think you’ll have to sacrifice entertainment while you’re here. There is just as much to see and do as in Myrtle Beach. There are two theaters that feature variety shows, the House of Blues, Alligator Adventure, Mini golf, and countless restaurants to discover in NMB, not to mention multiple full size golf courses in the area. Barefoot Landing is a central hub for shopping and dining, and just minutes away from your Ocean Drive Beach Rentals condo. So when you are planning your week here, make us your home base. From there you can enjoy the best the South Carolina beach has to offer!

By Brandon Moss of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals