Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Best Sunny Spots in North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand are famous for many things. We’ve got beautiful resorts, expansive and abundant golf courses, fresh seafood, family entertainment, and mild climate. But, there’s one thing that draws millions of people to come back year after year, our gorgeous beach.

Thousands of vacationers fill the beaches in the North Myrtle Beach area on any given day in the summer season, enjoying a swim in the Atlantic, tossing a frisbee, building sandcastles, or just soaking up the rays with a magazine. While you can do any of these things by just stepping out your oceanfront condo and onto the sand; there are some choice spots in the area that stand out, and there are also some hidden gems that could become your regular go-to place on the beach. Knowing the best places to park and enjoy the ocean will save you time and money.

If you’re visiting in south Myrtle Beach - residential areas tend to have great beaches that are not crowded. There is plenty of free parking. Look for the gravel-paved lots from 34th avenue north, up to 51st avenue north. Some of these public beach accesses have showers, so you don’t have to worry about the kids tracking lots of sand into your car. Parking tolls in south Myrtle Beach don’t charge into the off-season, but the parking can be scarce

Photo by: David McClain

Staying in the North section? You can always secure a great spot for yourself if you hit the beach early. Bigger resorts guarantee crowds. If you’re willing to drive or walk a short distance up the road, you’ll have a better experience all together – with more beach space and less crowds. Free parking can be found from 8th avenue north, to 18th avenue north.

Guests of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals have enjoyed the fishing piers in Cherry Grove Beach, one at 34th avenue north, and the other at 60th avenue north. A small inlet, around 60th avenue, provides a great place to relax on the beach. The water is shallow there, with minimal waves and lots of sandbars to explore. Rent jet skies from one of the vendors and cruise the day away on the inlet.

It’s important to know what the locals know to get the most out of your North Myrtle Beach vacation. Our beaches are some of the best on the East Coast. Now you know where to find the best spots in town to enjoy the sun and surf.

Written By: Brandon Moss - Vacation Rental Specialist, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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