Saturday, September 10, 2011

Auto Care in North Myrtle Beach

Most of our guests opt to drive into town rather than fly. Usually, it costs less than a flight and you’re able to bring more luggage and beach gear on vacation. Just because your mind is on vacation once you leave home doesn’t mean that vehicle maintenance takes a vacation as well.

A few tips for your trip to the Grand Strand:

Make sure you do a thorough fluid check before leaving for North Myrtle Beach. Oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and transmission fluid are extremely important. If these aren’t at proper levels, your automobile can be in severe damage. Have a mechanic service your car before going on a long road trip.

Think fuel efficiency and don’t over pack your automobile. The heavier your car, or the most add-ons (trailer, luggage rack, bike rack, ect…), the less fuel efficient it is. Pack smart and economical to help you save money on your trip to North Myrtle Beach. Also, plan a route with plenty of gas stations. 10 hour trips require quite a few restroom breaks, and you’ll be assured of enough fuel for the trip. Running out of gas in the mountains of West Virginia is not an enjoyable experience.

1985 Volkswagen Vanagon GL

Visit a full service car wash when you’re in North Myrtle Beach. Many contaminants such as tar, oil, salt, and bugs can damage your automobile on the way to the beach – not to mention the misty salt air along the coastal Carolinas. Sparkle Car Wash is a great local full service wash that many of our guests have recommended. It’s important to the life of your car to have it washed regularly, especially while on vacation.

Follow the advice above, and your road trip to North Myrtle Beach will be more enjoyable. Don’t forget pillows or in-car entertainment, such as movies and games. They become necessities on the long drive to the beach.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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