Friday, September 30, 2011

North Myrtle Beach Life

One great thing about living in a popular tourist destination is that it feels like you’re on vacation every day. North Myrtle Beach restaurants, golf courses, and beach spots are places you may pass on the way to work or while running errands. You might think that these attractions would become commonplace and boring if you live right next to them through the year. However, the opposite is true.

The beach is much better when it’s only 10 minutes away from your living room. Full time living in North Myrtle Beach allows you to explore the area and pick your favorite places to eat, drink, and play. Experiencing these activities helps recommend them to others.


North Myrtle Beach is clearly not lacking on great restaurants. Endless buffets with delicious seafood, fine dining establishments, and family-friendly restaurants crowd Highway 17 - each with lights brighter than their neighbor and marquees boasting “crab legs on the buffet” or “half price lunch specials.” I like to skip Restaurant Row and visit the smaller hidden gems.

One of my favorite restaurants is Thai Season, located a few blocks south of Main Street on Highway 17. It’s got that small town attitude and a tiny sign – you’d miss it if you weren’t looking for it. Inside, it’s small, clean, and quiet. Their food is outstanding, and the wait staff is very friendly and fast. Thai Season is priced reasonably, at around $11 per meal, and offers a great take-out service. This is definitely the place to go for authentic Asian cuisine.


There are great classy, metro-style pubs and restaurants in North Myrtle Beach. You can get away from the younger college crowd and escape on a date night with your significant other. Sea Blue offers an upscale atmosphere with an extensive list of fine wines. Seasoned bartenders create refreshing mixed drinks, made using only the top-shelf brands. Food is made-to-order with fresh, high quality ingredients. Try their Maryland crab cakes; wonderfully crispy and served with vegetables and homemade sauce.

North Myrtle Beach Fall Festivals:

Come to North Myrtle Beach in the off-season and enjoy our fall festivals. From motorcycles and Ford Mustangs, to the Shag, beer, and oysters, there is a reason to party for most anything. The Myrtle Beach Oktoberfest is set for October 8th, in downtown Myrtle Beach. Enjoy the live music, street shows, and concerts that are taking place at the popular annual event. There is also another Oktoberfest this weekend in the Market Common district. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals keeps a current list of events on the website. Click through on this link to learn more about our great fall festivals!

North Myrtle Beach is vibrant all through the year. Whether you live here or vacation here, you already know about all the fun you can have at the beach. Try new things, as you never know what might be the highlight of your stay!

Written By: Brandon Moss - Vacation Rental Specialist, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, September 24, 2011

North Myrtle Beach Photo Contest Winner Announced

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, of North Myrtle Beach, picked the winner of their 2nd Annual Endless Summer Photo Contest on September 17, 2011. Fans of the popular vacation rental company’s Facebook page submitted vacation photos for a chance to win one of three great prize packages. The grand prize winner was to receive a voucher for a free weekend stay at the Ocean Drive Beach & Golf Club, with a $100 check for spending money.

Aondria Berry, from Knoxville, Tennessee, won the contest with her beautiful picture of a North Myrtle Beach sunrise. As part of her grand prize package, Aondria will get to spend 2 lovely nights in the oceanfront Ocean Drive Beach & Golf Resort; in the Ocean Drive section of the north Strand. A $100 check is a great compliment to the package, of which can help with gas money or a night out on the town. Pay close attention to future projects by Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, as her winning picture may be used in content.

Aondria Berry, first place

The second place prize package goes to Savannah Robinson, from Sevierville, Tennessee. Savannah earned the prize of an official North Myrtle Beach t-shirt and a surprise gift that goes along with the shirt. Her beach portrait describes perfectly of what a Grand Strand vacation is like; relaxed and care-free. Laura Hartman, from New Haven, Indiana, won third place with her clever footprints in the sand photo. For her prize, she won a gift bag from Ocean Drive Beach Rentals.

Savannah Robinson, second place

Laura Hartman, third place

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals hosts a vacation photo contest every summer. We love to see what our guests are up to on vacation in North Myrtle Beach, and the memories they choose to capture on film. There are tons of great photos that are submitted; it’s so tough to pick three winners out of the bunch. Click through on this link to view more photos that were posted by our awesome Facebook fans.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Best Sunny Spots in North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand are famous for many things. We’ve got beautiful resorts, expansive and abundant golf courses, fresh seafood, family entertainment, and mild climate. But, there’s one thing that draws millions of people to come back year after year, our gorgeous beach.

Thousands of vacationers fill the beaches in the North Myrtle Beach area on any given day in the summer season, enjoying a swim in the Atlantic, tossing a frisbee, building sandcastles, or just soaking up the rays with a magazine. While you can do any of these things by just stepping out your oceanfront condo and onto the sand; there are some choice spots in the area that stand out, and there are also some hidden gems that could become your regular go-to place on the beach. Knowing the best places to park and enjoy the ocean will save you time and money.

If you’re visiting in south Myrtle Beach - residential areas tend to have great beaches that are not crowded. There is plenty of free parking. Look for the gravel-paved lots from 34th avenue north, up to 51st avenue north. Some of these public beach accesses have showers, so you don’t have to worry about the kids tracking lots of sand into your car. Parking tolls in south Myrtle Beach don’t charge into the off-season, but the parking can be scarce

Photo by: David McClain

Staying in the North section? You can always secure a great spot for yourself if you hit the beach early. Bigger resorts guarantee crowds. If you’re willing to drive or walk a short distance up the road, you’ll have a better experience all together – with more beach space and less crowds. Free parking can be found from 8th avenue north, to 18th avenue north.

Guests of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals have enjoyed the fishing piers in Cherry Grove Beach, one at 34th avenue north, and the other at 60th avenue north. A small inlet, around 60th avenue, provides a great place to relax on the beach. The water is shallow there, with minimal waves and lots of sandbars to explore. Rent jet skies from one of the vendors and cruise the day away on the inlet.

It’s important to know what the locals know to get the most out of your North Myrtle Beach vacation. Our beaches are some of the best on the East Coast. Now you know where to find the best spots in town to enjoy the sun and surf.

Written By: Brandon Moss - Vacation Rental Specialist, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Auto Care in North Myrtle Beach

Most of our guests opt to drive into town rather than fly. Usually, it costs less than a flight and you’re able to bring more luggage and beach gear on vacation. Just because your mind is on vacation once you leave home doesn’t mean that vehicle maintenance takes a vacation as well.

A few tips for your trip to the Grand Strand:

Make sure you do a thorough fluid check before leaving for North Myrtle Beach. Oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and transmission fluid are extremely important. If these aren’t at proper levels, your automobile can be in severe damage. Have a mechanic service your car before going on a long road trip.

Think fuel efficiency and don’t over pack your automobile. The heavier your car, or the most add-ons (trailer, luggage rack, bike rack, ect…), the less fuel efficient it is. Pack smart and economical to help you save money on your trip to North Myrtle Beach. Also, plan a route with plenty of gas stations. 10 hour trips require quite a few restroom breaks, and you’ll be assured of enough fuel for the trip. Running out of gas in the mountains of West Virginia is not an enjoyable experience.

1985 Volkswagen Vanagon GL

Visit a full service car wash when you’re in North Myrtle Beach. Many contaminants such as tar, oil, salt, and bugs can damage your automobile on the way to the beach – not to mention the misty salt air along the coastal Carolinas. Sparkle Car Wash is a great local full service wash that many of our guests have recommended. It’s important to the life of your car to have it washed regularly, especially while on vacation.

Follow the advice above, and your road trip to North Myrtle Beach will be more enjoyable. Don’t forget pillows or in-car entertainment, such as movies and games. They become necessities on the long drive to the beach.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Monday, September 5, 2011

North Myrtle Beach Property Management

Do you own a home or condo in North Myrtle Beach as a second home or just an investment property? Have you considered renting your property out as a vacation rental – allowing guests to rent your home on a nightly, weekly, or monthly term? Renting your property as a vacation rental can be very rewarding if you have the right property management company supporting your venture.

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals
, of North Myrtle Beach, has the experience to keep you ahead of the trends in the vacation rental industry. Our proactive business model helps us stay ahead of dramatic economic changes that could affect your investment. Homeowners enjoy peace-of-mind with our in-house housekeeping and maintenance staff. We’ve got that “family business” atmosphere and team work that many other area companies lack.

August, 2011 Homeowner Postcard. Design by Jake Foutz.

We were the first property management company in North Myrtle Beach to harvest the relationship marketing power of Facebook, and the social importance of maintaining a company blog. It didn’t take long for other companies to catch on to Ocean Drive Beach Rentals’ innovative marketing processes. We already have an impressive reach; being in business for just over two years! Having captured the attention of industry marketing gurus, our website remains one of the most well-developed sites in the vacation rental industry. The usability and bright design has turned many heads.

We’d love to host your property in 2012. Please give our office a call at 877-287-2977 for more information on our property management services. Our property services email is: We’ll talk to you soon!

Check out our beautiful website!

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals