Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Takes a Pass on North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach escaped serious damage from Hurricane Irene this past weekend. Irene, which was originally forecasted to hit the Myrtle Beach area directly, dropped dramatically in strength and changed to a more North-Easterly path at the last minute. The category one hurricane swept through the area on the way to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Big, Bad Hurricane Irene - photo courtesy of the NOAA

The greatest effects of Hurricane Irene were felt early in the morning. We had an entertaining evening of showers and thunderstorms. Although we did receive incredible amounts of rain and heavy wind, it wasn’t enough to cause any serious damage or flooding in North Myrtle Beach and surrounding coastal areas. By the afternoon, streets were littered with branches, leaves, sand, and patio/deck furniture. Few trees were uprooted and there was minimal beach erosion.

Business is running as usual through the weekend. The week ahead looks beautiful and will be perfect for beach activity. Come down to North Myrtle Beach for Labor Day weekend and bring the whole family with you.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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