Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pet Friendly Options in North Myrtle Beach

You don't have to leave home without your best friend. More vacation rental properties are accepting dogs in North Myrtle Beach. Most of the staff at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals own pets, and realize how difficult it is to find a house-sitter while on vacation. We believe that we have a solid selection of properties that can help in your dilemma.

As with most rental properties in North Myrtle Beach, some of our pet friendly rentals offer pools, lazy rivers, and other popular amenities. Click through on this link to view all our pet friendly offerings. All these rentals will be charged a pet fee - to make sure they are cleaned properly after departure. Follow up on our Pet Friendly Information page to view helpful tips if you're planning on bringing your dog(s) on vacation.

August is here, and you'll find the best prices of the summer! Book with Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, of North Myrtle Beach - where you won't have to sell an arm and a leg to bring your dog down on vacation with your family. Let us know how we can better accommodate that extra family member.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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