Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Day on the Beach

North Myrtle Beach weather is getting much warmer and we’re seeing more sunny days than not. It only makes sense that we beach people migrate to the shoreline to waste away our days. Eight hours of beach time is normal from spring to fall. Whether it’s soaking up the rays, riding the waves, or playing a game of frisbee, there are many things to keep you occupied on the beach.

Our wide, sandy beaches of North Myrtle Beach are perfect for most sports. Popular beach sports include lacrosse, football, frisbee, and beach volleyball. You’ll always find a father and son playing a game of catch for hours at a time. Ocean temperature gets pretty warm in the summertime (over 80 degrees) and is perfect for swimming and surfing. As a young kid vacationing on the Grand Strand, my family held relays. Competition wasn’t the most important thing. It was the time spent together as a family that was priceless.

The sand is perfect for football!

Some people would rather lie out and enjoy the Carolina sun and soothing sounds of the ocean. Kick back and build a sandcastle or two with the children while people-watching. The beach is a wonderful spot to get a deep bronze tan. Remember to set up a cabana or a couple umbrellas for shade. Pack a lunch and don’t forget your favorite beverage. Heat and salt air will wear you down if you aren’t prepared.

Sunscreen and a cooler with water are some important things to remember to pack for your day on the beach. The right SPF of sunscreen will help keep your skin healthy and keep you comfortable during your vacation. You wouldn’t want to live out the week in severe pain because of excessive sunburns; that wouldn’t make your vacation very pleasurable. I’ve seen many people suffer on vacation because of bad sunburns. Plenty of refreshing water will keep you properly hydrated during those 95-degree summer days.

After a good eight hour day on the beach, most families go out on the town and visit North Myrtle Beach attractions, restaurants, and outdoor shopping hubs. There is plenty to do, all within a short ten minute drive from your vacation home or condo. A handful of popular businesses offer guests of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals discounts through the Endless Fun Club. If you have any questions on what you should do while on vacation and what’s the best way to lazy around, feel free to ask us!

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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