Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Vacation Awareness Month at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals!

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals has made March the annual Family Vacation Awareness Month. We understand and appreciate the value of an annual family vacation and want to make it easier for your family to come stay in North Myrtle Beach. It’s important that families get away and enjoy quality time together. Take advantage of three huge savings by making your vacation plans during the month of March.

There isn’t a better place to unite with friends and family than North Myrtle Beach! By booking your 2011 vacation in March, not only do you get a better selection of vacation rentals to choose from, but you’ll also qualify for an immediate $100 OFF your vacation with Ocean Drive Beach Rentals. You’ll also secure the same published rate for a North Myrtle Beach vacation in 2012 (normally prices increase 5% - 8% year to year). All guests that book their vacation in March will also be entered into a drawing for a return weekend at our Ocean Drive Beach & Golf Resort in the off-season. Your vacation can take place anytime this year. Just make your plans and reserve your vacation rental during March, and take advantage of these great deals!

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is the only vacation rental company in North Myrtle Beach that is celebrating a Family Vacation Awareness Month. We created this holiday to give something back to those families that frequent the Grand Strand. Don’t delay - March just became the BEST time to book your next family vacation!

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Day on the Beach

North Myrtle Beach weather is getting much warmer and we’re seeing more sunny days than not. It only makes sense that we beach people migrate to the shoreline to waste away our days. Eight hours of beach time is normal from spring to fall. Whether it’s soaking up the rays, riding the waves, or playing a game of frisbee, there are many things to keep you occupied on the beach.

Our wide, sandy beaches of North Myrtle Beach are perfect for most sports. Popular beach sports include lacrosse, football, frisbee, and beach volleyball. You’ll always find a father and son playing a game of catch for hours at a time. Ocean temperature gets pretty warm in the summertime (over 80 degrees) and is perfect for swimming and surfing. As a young kid vacationing on the Grand Strand, my family held relays. Competition wasn’t the most important thing. It was the time spent together as a family that was priceless.

The sand is perfect for football!

Some people would rather lie out and enjoy the Carolina sun and soothing sounds of the ocean. Kick back and build a sandcastle or two with the children while people-watching. The beach is a wonderful spot to get a deep bronze tan. Remember to set up a cabana or a couple umbrellas for shade. Pack a lunch and don’t forget your favorite beverage. Heat and salt air will wear you down if you aren’t prepared.

Sunscreen and a cooler with water are some important things to remember to pack for your day on the beach. The right SPF of sunscreen will help keep your skin healthy and keep you comfortable during your vacation. You wouldn’t want to live out the week in severe pain because of excessive sunburns; that wouldn’t make your vacation very pleasurable. I’ve seen many people suffer on vacation because of bad sunburns. Plenty of refreshing water will keep you properly hydrated during those 95-degree summer days.

After a good eight hour day on the beach, most families go out on the town and visit North Myrtle Beach attractions, restaurants, and outdoor shopping hubs. There is plenty to do, all within a short ten minute drive from your vacation home or condo. A handful of popular businesses offer guests of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals discounts through the Endless Fun Club. If you have any questions on what you should do while on vacation and what’s the best way to lazy around, feel free to ask us!

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How About That Weather

Looking down Main Street. Gorgeous day in February!

North Myrtle Beach weather has definitely taken a turn towards the better this past week. With sunny skies and highs in the mid-70’s today, you’d think that we skipped March and progressed right into April. No, we’re not that fortunate, but after a winter full of unusually frigid days and threats of record snowfall, it looks like this mild weather is here for good, until next November.

Looking at the 10-day forecast from The Weather Channel, North Myrtle Beach will have mild temperatures in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s the rest of this month with very few rain days. The next couple of months bring in average temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. We’re loving this weather and glad it’s finally back on the Grand Strand. Although the ocean temperature is still a little too cold for most, the sun will surely pamper your skin.

February 19, 2011 - Perfect weather for a day on the strand!

Call now to schedule your spring vacation! With our mild temperatures in full “swing,” it is the perfect time for a game of golf. We’ve got an in-house golf professional to save you dollars on your next round. Outdoor shopping centers, such as the popular Tanger Factory Outlets are a great place to hang out at after an afternoon on the beach. Most of our rental properties feature a screened porch or deck – wonderful to lazy around and fall asleep to the breezes off the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals has the right vacation rental for your spring getaway. With school in session and job limitations, most people can’t escape for a week until summer. That’s alright! Our vacation policies are flexible, in that we allow nightly stays equal to, or greater than, 2 nights until the end of May. Call us at 877-287-2977 and let us help you plan a special weekend at the beach for your family.

"Hey, I'll settle for a couple months of unusually frigid weather if it means that February will be this nice!" - J. Foutz

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What to Bring on Vacation in North Myrtle Beach

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals provides their guests with a unique experience that most vacationers don’t have the access to. Most of our vacation rentals have full kitchens, spacious living areas, and some room outside to enjoy our mild climate. Your experience here is much more different than that at chain hotel or resort. You can think of it as you’re moving into your very own second home for a short escape from reality. Linens and bath towels are provided, but you still have to bring some daily necessities.

When packing for your North Myrtle Beach vacation, don’t forget the all too important toiletries. Everyday items from your toothbrush and toothpaste to shaving supplies, soaps, shampoos, and nail clippers are very easy to pack and will save you money by not buying them at grocery stores when you’re in town. Suntan lotion is definitely a necessity during the spring, summer, and fall months. Restrictions may apply if you’re flying to the beach, so don’t forget to check with the airport well ahead of your trip.

Dress accordingly to the time of year you visit North Myrtle Beach. You can pretty much count on shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, and sandals being the usual from May – October. Through the remainder of the year plan to juggle your attire to include light jackets and pants. Sandals are usually good the entire year. This past winter has been unusually brutal to us beach people, which included a couple days of light snow. It’s always a good idea to pay attention to The Weather Channel in the days leading up to your Grand Strand vacation.

No matter how well you pack for vacation, there is always a great chance you’ll forget something. North Myrtle Beach has lots of grocery stores and beachwear stores. Prices are relatively fair no matter where you choose to shop. The local Walmart tends to be extremely popular with our guests on that first trip to buy groceries, but be prepared for long lines on arrival day.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Friday, February 4, 2011

EZ Breezy Pricing in North Myrtle Beach

Linens and bath towels included in every rental at NO CHARGE!

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals believes that planning a family vacation should be as much fun and hassle-free as your North Myrtle Beach vacation. We take pride in our great customer service and extensive knowledge about the Grand Strand. Our website is extremely user-friendly and we’ve created the Endless Fun Club to add more value to your vacation. It doesn’t stop there. We have another great surprise for you!

EZ Breezy Pricing, from Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, ends the confusion of complex vacation rental prices. It’s common practice for vacation rental companies to add more costs onto your reservation. Many times, you’ll see an administration fee, security deposit, maid service, or other additional fees added on to the published rate of the rental, BEFORE the taxes! This only confuses people and puts a headache into planning for your next vacation, which is one of the main reasons why we came up with EZ Breezy Pricing. Simplify your hunt for that perfect vacation place!

At Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, the price you see advertised is the price you pay, plus tax (12%). Other North Myrtle Beach companies can easily trick their customers into paying a lot more money for their vacation. In fact, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is the ONLY company along the Grand Strand that offers this simple pricing structure. To further the value to our guests, we aren’t going to charge a security deposit (you’re covered up to $500 of accidental damage), and we’ll take care of departure maid service and all linen and bath towels at no cost to you.

Check out our rental inventory of over 80 premium properties. Remember, the price you see advertised is the price you pay, before taxes. Linen, bath towels, and departure maid service are included at no cost to you. We’ll even make the beds and set out your bath towels in anticipation for your arrival! Our pricing, friendly customer service, and Endless Fun Club proves that you really can get great value while vacationing in North Myrtle Beach. It’s as easy and breezy as that!

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals