Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vacation Rental vs. Hotel Room

We know that most of our customers have had enough of this aggressive winter weather. December has brought massive amounts of snow to the Northeast and frigid temperatures to the normally mild South. Now is the time when people are thinking about their North Myrtle Beach vacation, and the warmer spring and summer temperatures. We’d like to offer a little “Vacation Rental 101” advice on the advantages of choosing a vacation rental over a typical hotel room.

Vacation rentals are typically owned by homeowners who treat their property as a second home, and not a huge corporation such as Hilton or Best Western. The property is custom-furnished to the homeowner’s personal taste, and is better taken care of than a hotel room. You won’t find a monochromatic environment in any one of our vacation rentals at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals. Hotel rooms lack this personal touch and variety of themes.

Living room of an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals' rental property

Most of our vacation rentals have three to six bedrooms, along with a living room, dining area, and fully-equipped kitchen. Some rental properties feature additional living area with a loft or game room. Even in our smaller one bedroom condominiums, there is plenty of room to stretch and relax as compared to popular Grand Strand hotels. Families who stay in individually-owned vacation rentals really enjoy saving valuable vacation dollars by using full kitchens. Large living rooms, maid service included in rent, and modern technology (flat screen TVs, wireless internet access, Jacuzzi tubs) also are huge advantages to vacationing in one of our vacation rentals.

Check out our vacation rental inventory by following this link. We have over 78 properties to choose from, for all budget sizes. You don’t have to book a rental months ahead of time. Guests that have a favorite rental home will tend to book well in advance to be sure to reserve that home for the same time next year. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is walk-in friendly and frequently take last minute reservations.

When planning your next North Myrtle Beach family vacation, consider staying at a vacation rental instead of a hotel. You’ll find that you save lots more money, and have much more green in your pocket on the trip home. We’re here to help you with any questions you have during the incredibly important process of planning your annual vacation.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

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