Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vacation Rental vs. Hotel Room

We know that most of our customers have had enough of this aggressive winter weather. December has brought massive amounts of snow to the Northeast and frigid temperatures to the normally mild South. Now is the time when people are thinking about their North Myrtle Beach vacation, and the warmer spring and summer temperatures. We’d like to offer a little “Vacation Rental 101” advice on the advantages of choosing a vacation rental over a typical hotel room.

Vacation rentals are typically owned by homeowners who treat their property as a second home, and not a huge corporation such as Hilton or Best Western. The property is custom-furnished to the homeowner’s personal taste, and is better taken care of than a hotel room. You won’t find a monochromatic environment in any one of our vacation rentals at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals. Hotel rooms lack this personal touch and variety of themes.

Living room of an Ocean Drive Beach Rentals' rental property

Most of our vacation rentals have three to six bedrooms, along with a living room, dining area, and fully-equipped kitchen. Some rental properties feature additional living area with a loft or game room. Even in our smaller one bedroom condominiums, there is plenty of room to stretch and relax as compared to popular Grand Strand hotels. Families who stay in individually-owned vacation rentals really enjoy saving valuable vacation dollars by using full kitchens. Large living rooms, maid service included in rent, and modern technology (flat screen TVs, wireless internet access, Jacuzzi tubs) also are huge advantages to vacationing in one of our vacation rentals.

Check out our vacation rental inventory by following this link. We have over 78 properties to choose from, for all budget sizes. You don’t have to book a rental months ahead of time. Guests that have a favorite rental home will tend to book well in advance to be sure to reserve that home for the same time next year. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals is walk-in friendly and frequently take last minute reservations.

When planning your next North Myrtle Beach family vacation, consider staying at a vacation rental instead of a hotel. You’ll find that you save lots more money, and have much more green in your pocket on the trip home. We’re here to help you with any questions you have during the incredibly important process of planning your annual vacation.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who Said It Doesn't Snow in North Myrtle Beach?

North Myrtle Beach, and surrounding areas, got their share of the Holidays today. A storm system that blew down the eastern seaboard brought a wintry mix of rain and snow to the Grand Strand throughout the day. Our temperatures only reached the mid-30's, and the snow flurries lasted all day long. Though we had a full day of snow, there wasn't much of an accumulation to give us any great pictures.

Although not many people think of snow when they think of North Myrtle Beach, we do get a dusting of snow at least once a year; typically in January or February. It's very exciting when it does happen. Palm trees are covered in ice, and a blanket of snow lightly covers the beach strand. This is hard for many to imagine at a popular southern beach destination such as ours.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Be Our Fan and Participate

With the help of a few solid promotions and word-of-mouth, your favorite North Myrtle Beach vacation rental and property management company, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, is growing rapidly on Facebook. We’re proud to announce a strong and loyal fan base of over 1600 fans to date. This huge population is sure to grow throughout the spring and summer, as we introduce more promotions with bigger prizes and fun seasonal contests.

L to R: Kristen, H.G., and Jake give away a $500 Pre-Paid Credit Card as a prize in Ocean Drive Beach Rentals' latest Facebook promotion.

Facebook serves as an excellent social tool for us to personally reach out to our vast customer base. It’s a way for Ocean Drive Beach Rentals to announce special deals on vacations in North Myrtle Beach and surrounding communities. With this popular social tool, we can take our creative ideas to another level with an even greater audience. It also serves as a portal site for our popular company blog. Every time we post to our blog, we make sure that there is a mention on our fan page.

Several fun interactive ideas are going to be launched on our Facebook page in 2011. One of those break-through ideas, being another Free Vacation for Life contest, will happen this spring. Simply put, we’re going to give away a Free Vacation for Life to one of our fans. We do love to give away free vacations and North Myrtle Beach merchandise on or page. There will be frequent photo contests during the late spring and summer season - more opportunities for our fans to win cool stuff. A vacation planner tool will be integrated into our Facebook page in the coming months.

If you’re not a fan of our Ocean Drive Beach Rentals Facebook page, log on or sign-up with Facebook and take advantage of this. Help us grow, and tell your family and friends about us. We’re sure to keep you interested with our weekly updates and awesome promotions.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Perfect Time for Golf

The Grand Strand, a beautiful coastline of over 50 miles, provides one of the best values for golf in all of the United States. With over 100 courses available for your enjoyment, you and your foursome will always be able to find a course suitable to your tastes. From the group looking for a high-end experience, to a couple of friends interested in having a good time off the course as they are on it, the Grand Strand meets all needs. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals can customize your golf vacation for any size group.

You'll enjoy quality golf, tremendous value, and a fun-filled experience, on and off the course even in difficult economic times. Visitors are immersed in the game and a good time from the moment they arrive, a needed reprieve from the stress of daily life. Once the round is over, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy long into the night.

Fall and Spring are the most popular times of year for golf on the Grand Strand. The weather is perfect for a day on the links. North Myrtle Beach crowds are down, allowing for easy access to all the attractions and restaurants. There is a great supply of quality accommodations to suit all size groups. Get your group together, set your dates, and call Ocean Drive Beach Rentals for your next golf vacation to North Myrtle Beach.

Golfer-Friendly Vacation Rentals:

Conched Out in Cherry Grove

Atlantis Villas #205 & #302 along Ocean Drive

Beachy Keen in Ocean Drive Beach

Oceanfront House,North Myrtle Beach,Ocean Drive Beach,North Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals
Cest La Vie along Ocean Drive

Written By: David Haynes - Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good Things are Coming Our Way

Cover, 2011 Ocean Drive Beach Rentals Vacation Planner

A lot of great things are happening with Ocean Drive Beach Rentals now, and in the coming months. We pride ourselves with the fact that we are an ever-developing property management and vacation rentals company. This is all possible with great customers, and an innovative, creative staff.

Our 2011 Vacation Planner is being printed right now. It will feature a sampling of our North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, helpful information on the Grand Strand, and a detailed destination map. This year’s planner is designed in a unique manner, in that no other company on the beach has the same format as ours. We feel that our website is the most important tool in planning your family vacation, and so this planner will serve as a compliment to our incredible online presence. Please give us a call at 877-287-2977 to reserve your FREE COPY.

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals now has 74 properties listed on the website! By Christmas, this number could easily swell to 80 properties. That means more vacation rentals to choose from. Each and every one of them is unique and offers different amenities. We offer rentals for every budget and preference; along every location in North Myrtle Beach. Our pet friendly (dog friendly) offerings are growing rapidly as well. You can check out the newest properties to our inventory here.

The Endless Fun Club was designed a year ago to give our guests more value for their vacation dollars. In 2011, we’re going to grow this program bigger, and include more Grand Strand businesses. After March, Guests vacationing with Ocean Drive Beach Rentals will be able to take advantage of big discounts at popular shops, attractions, and restaurants. Check our website often to see what businesses are participating.

Social media is extremely important to us. Our goal is to post a new blog article every Saturday, possibly more than once per week. We also have a strong presence on Facebook, with over 1,000 fans to date. This is a great way to get announcements out to our customers, let you know about North Myrtle Beach news, and have a little fun with contests. Right now, we have a Facebook contest for our fans to win a $500 pre-paid American Express credit card, and a $100 Gift Certificate to go to the runner-up, if we reach 1,300 fans by December 9th. Stop by our page before then and become a fan, you may be one of the two winners announced on December 10th.

Favorite our website in your internet browser so you can keep up with our changes. Every day we’re doing something different. We appreciate everyone for helping us grow successfully in the past year, and look to the future in anticipation.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holidays at the Beach - We've Got Everything but Snow

2010 Office Christmas Tree
Office Christmas Tree

We hope your holidays are off to a great start, and that your plans include time well spent on the beach in North Myrtle Beach. Of course, we don’t have the 80-degree weather that you would find in the summer or fall, but it’s mild enough for a walk on the beach or a family game of frisbee. It’s not unusual to have Christmas Day temperatures in the 70’s.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, there is a lot to do along the Grand Strand this time of year. Christmas festivities kick off this weekend, with the popular and brightly decorated Regatta along the Intracoastal Waterway and the Nutcracker Fair at Myrtle Beach’s Market Common. The city of North Myrtle Beach hosts the annual Christmas tree lighting on Friday, December 3rd. You won’t want to miss the highly anticipated Christmas Parade the following Saturday. Click through on this link to view detailed information about upcoming events along the beach.

After you’re done with all these festive holiday events, spend a day shopping at one or more of our several shopping centers located within a fifteen-minute’s drive from Main Street and Ocean Drive. There are thousands of name brand stores that call North Myrtle Beach home. Grab some local seafood along restaurant row and hit the beach for an evening stroll. You’ll find the sky is clearer along Carolina’s southern coast than anywhere else.

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals provides the most reasonable off-season prices in the best selection of vacation rentals. Give us a call for more information on how you can escape for a weekend, week, or a whole month to enjoy this holiday season away from the ordinary. We have just added several rental properties to our inventory. Come visit North Myrtle Beach this holiday season, we’ve got everything but snow!

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

North Myrtle Beach Sunrise
Look at what you are missing

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Win a Vacation for Life!

It pays to be a fan of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals, really. On November 18th, we launched our second Facebook promotion, to give away a free North Myrtle Beach vacation for life. For those Facebook users that “like” the Ocean Drive Beach Rentals page and become one of our fans, they’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win a free off-season weekend stay every year of their remaining life.

There isn’t only one winner of this promotion. The grand prize winner of the Vacation for Life can bring three of their closest friends, or family, with them when they come to the beach every year. A runner-up to the promotion will receive a $100 gift certificate to vacation with Ocean Drive Beach Rentals in 2011. That big savings certificate can be used any time of the year for a nightly, weekly, or monthly stay.

Of course, there is a catch to winning such a great prize. Our Facebook page must reach 2,000 fans by the promotion end date of December 2, 2010. If we reach 2,000 fans, we’ll draw the winner of both the Vacation for Life and gift certificate the very next day. This is an easy opportunity to get a very nice early Christmas gift from your friends at Ocean Drive Beach Rentals. Click this link to visit our Facebook page and become one of our great fans.

Rules…Yes, there has to be rules:

Grand prize winner and the runner-up must be 25 years of age to claim prize.

Grand prize winner is entitled to one free weekend stay every year for the remainder of his or her life, or until the closure of Ocean Drive Beach Rentals as a company.

The free weekend stay can only be used for two free consecutive nights, September 1 – May 1.

Some availability restrictions apply as to special resort events including, but not limited to the SOS weekend, and the Carolina Beach Music Awards weekend.

Free weekend stay can only be reserved up to 6 months in advance of arrival.

Prizes are non-transferable and only good for the person intended.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010 Carolina Beach Music Awards in North Myrtle Beach

2010 Carolina Beach Music Awards at Alabama Theatre
LIVE at the Alabama Theatre

Tim Clark Band
Tim Clark Band

The 16th annual Carolina Beach Music Awards Show, or CBMAs, were held at the Alabama Theatre this past Sunday. It was such a treat, especially with the venue being decorated for the holiday season. This year’s awards show was held in honor of General Norman Johnson, band leader of the popular beach music supergoup, The Chairmen of the Board. It was great to see live performances from top artists such as, Rhonda McDaniel, Jim Quick & Coastline, Sea Cruz, Craig Woolard Band, and the National Shag Dance Team.

Every year, the big beach music party comes to North Myrtle Beach. The Carolina Beach Music Awards caps off a week full of live music at top clubs up and down Main Street and Ocean Drive. Fans take advantage of the night life Wednesday through Friday, with award ceremonies at the Spanish Galleon and Alabama Theatre over the weekend evenings. It’s just another great reason to come visit during the off-season.

For those people who missed the show this year, enjoy the pictures posted here, more of which are posted on our Ocean Drive Beach Rentals Facebook page. You can view a complete listing of the 2010 CBMA Winners here. Remember to make plans early for next year’s event, held during the first part of November 2011. Beach music fans and shaggers call Ocean Drive Beach Rentals home.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Sea Cruz
Sea Cruz

The Rick Strickland Band
Rick Strickland Band

Jim Quick & Coastline
Jim Quick & Coastline

The National Shag Dance Team
The National Shag Dance Team

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ocean Drive's Inventory Keeps Growing!

Abode Of Peace, Canal - Cherry Grove

The fall season has been very good to Ocean Drive Beach Rentals. After rounding out our first successful summer season, we have added several high quality and beautiful vacation properties. We have a much wider selection of vacation rentals to please the ever-increasing demand in the vacation rental industry.

Over 70 vacation rental properties will soon call Ocean Drive Beach Rentals home. With these properties, we cover all areas along North Myrtle Beach, from Windy Hill up to Cherry Grove Beach. Search our inventory for oceanfront, canal front, second row, and other locations. Our properties feature amenities such as flat screened HDTVs, high-speed WIFI internet access, hot tubs, private pools, billiards' rooms with state-of-the-art gaming tables (Atlantis Villas), Jacuzzi tubs, and walk-in showers. We are able to offer homes and condos priced in every budget range. No vacation is expensive with Ocean Drive Beach Rentals.

You can view a listing of all our latest additions on our specials page. Our property profiles are very detailed, with interior pictures of every room, a detailed property description, and pricing chart. Many homes feature a virtual tour. Feel free to call us TODAY for help in planning a future family vacation to the Grand Strand of North Myrtle Beach.

Don't forget about our Gift a Vacation promotion, which expires January 1, 2011.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gift a Vacation This Holiday Season


We know what Santa is thinking this year...

Need an idea for gift-giving this holiday season? Think out of the box for 2010 and give something that will really impress your family or loved-one. Gift a vacation this holiday season and gift memories that last a lifetime.

If you have a family, buy the gift of a family vacation. North Myrtle Beach is an excellent destination that will help create memories that last forever. The mild year-round weather, clean beach strand, warm ocean, and top Grand Strand attractions and restaurants are more appealing than the traditional gifts. This idea is also great for couples (birthdays, honeymoons, and engagements).

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals makes it really simple. You’ll receive a free linen package and set-up when you book a week’s stay and pay in full within 10 days of making your reservation. Book a two week stay in one of our vacation rentals, pay your deposit within 10 days, and get 10% off the second week stay! SAVE money on your 2011 vacation and take advantage of our “Gift a Vacation” promotion. This holiday deal ends on January 1, 2011. You can view details by clicking this link.

We have the best quality selection of vacation rentals in North Myrtle Beach that appeal to all budgets. Choose from locations along Crescent Beach, Windy Hill, Ocean Drive, and Cherry Grove. Most reservations are on a weekly basis, but we do support nightly and monthly reservations. Whatever the occasion, we can help you find that perfect present.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Endless Summer Festival a Hit!


If you did not attend North Myrtle Beach's Endless Summer Festival this past Saturday, you missed a great time. With sunny skies and high temperatures in the mid-70's, thousands of visitors crowded Main Street and Ocean Drive to enjoy the six hours of live entertainment, arts and crafts vendors, and awesome food. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals had a booth at the festival and enjoyed meeting people from all over the country.

Our booth was beautifully designed, which featured brightly colored balloons and flower arrangements by the North Myrtle Beach Florist. The balloons were popular with children as well as the popcorn popper. Odie the dolphin, our official mascot, made an appearance before noon and stayed with us the remainder of the festival. Other free giveaways plus two chances to win big complimented Ocean Drive Beach Rentals' offerings.

We held a drawing for a free two-night stay at our Ocean Drive Beach & Golf Resort. The runner-up would receive a $100 gift certificate to apply to a vacation with Ocean Drive Beach Rentals in the future. Tim Tobey, from Statesville, North Carolina won the free weekend stay. Linda Stuart, from Fayetteville, North Carolina was the runner-up, to receive the $100 gift certificate. Congratulations to both of our Endless Summer winners!

If you did not celebrate with us at the Endless Summer Festival, make sure you mark your calendar to come down next year. This is a great way to close-out the North Myrtle Beach summer season and gear up for the coming winter. Ocean Drive Beach Rentals would be happy to help you with your lodging needs.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals






Saturday, October 30, 2010

Winter Blues at the Beach...Think Again!

Long gone are the days filled with sand, sun, and surf but that doesn't mean that all is lost at the beach. Winter allows the locals to come back out to play and has attracted many "snowbirds" looking to escape those long cold nights and shoveling snow on a daily basis.

North Myrtle Beach still has plenty to offer when the temperatures cool down. Even though it may not be bathing suit attire, you will still find people enjoying the sun at the beach while reading a book, fishing, or just enjoying the peaceful scenery. In addition to the beach, Brookgreen Gardens offers many events focusing on the holiday season, including the ever popular Night of a Thousand Candles. This annual event has been listed as one of the Top 20 events in December by the Southeastern Tourism Society.

If, as far as you go with nature is looking out of your oceanfront condo, no need to worry - the Myrtle Beach area has many varieties of live theater to choose from. For the holidays, choose from Christmas on Ice at the Palace Theatre, The Christmas Show at the Alabama Theater, or The Carolina Opry Christmas Show. These venues also offer a variety of other shows. If theatrical plays are more your style, be sure to check out the Theatre of the Republic in historic Conway, South Carolina. Their season starts in the fall and offers a wide variety of plays to choose from each year.

Off-season also brings the multitude of restaurants a much different crowd. Say goodbye to the crowds and lines; head on in to your favorite local establishment or try something new! You're sure to find something you will fall in love with in the more than 1,000 restaurants along the Grand Strand, within a short drive from your North Myrtle Beach vacation rental.

While these are some great ideas to start with, make sure you get out and explore. You will be amazed at how much more there is to see when you can slow it down and take your time! Get rid of those winter blues and call Ocean Drive Beach Rentals to plan your vacation.

Written By: Holly Wharry, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ocean Drive Pavilion and Amusement Park


I recently had the opportunity to visit the Ocean Drive Pavilion and Amusement Park along Ocean Drive. The amusement park is conveniently located at the horseshoe, at the intersection of Ocean Drive and Main Street. It's the only oceanfront amusement park in North Myrtle Beach, and one of the few still left in the area.

I would definitely recommend the OD Pavilion to vacationing families. The park attracts families from all over. Rides include a ferris wheel, giant swing, carousel, tilt-a-whirl, Flying Bob, and the popular tea cup ride. Younger crowds seem to enjoy the arcade, super slide, and bumper cars. In typical carnival fashion, the smell of cotton candy, carmel apples, and funnel cakes fill the air.

Free parking and admission make the Pavilion budget-friendly for everyone. Just pay as you go for ride tickets. Whether you're five years' old or seventy-five, the Ocean Drive Pavilion and Amusement Park is the place to be when you're at the beach!

Written By: Kristen Leonard - Ocean Drive Beach Rentals


Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Excitement of Ocean Drive


Ocean Drive, known for its contribution to beach music and the Shag, is the center of excitement in North Myrtle Beach. This two mile strip of the Grand Strand plays host to many specialty shops, live entertainment, and beach side bars. Several condos and beach homes dot the oceanfront and serve as a prime vacation spot to visitors. With mild year-round temperatures, OD presents the perfect atmosphere for popular festivals.

North Myrtle Beach takes claim as being the birthplace for the Shag, a beach boy-style dance which incorporates techniques from the jitterbug and swing dancing. The Shag is still very much alive here, and we have plenty to show for it. It is a common sight to see expert Shaggers show off their fancy footwork and smooth moves every weekend, if not every night, along Ocean Drive and the intersecting Main Street. Society of Stranders (SOS) takes over the famous beach bars for week-long celebrations every April and September. You may want to get involved if you love beach music.

Along with Fat Harold’s Beach Bar and Duck’s, which are shagging hotspots, there are several options for energetic nightlife and live entertainment along Ocean Drive. Spanish Galleon, beside the Ocean Drive Beach & Golf Resort, hosts a young, hip dance crowd late night to the early morning hours. OD Pavilion is North Myrtle Beach’s only oceanfront amusement park. The Pavilion features family-friendly rides, carnival-style games, and refreshments.

Thinking about visiting Ocean Drive on your next North Myrtle Beach vacation? Leave all of your planning up to Ocean Drive Beach Rentals. They feature beautiful vacation rentals up, down, and all around the Ocean Drive section suited for all budgets, big or small.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Endless Summer Festival in North Myrtle Beach - October 30th

We beach people don't want the warm, summer-like weather to leave us, but we know that the cooler months lie just around the corner. It only makes sense that we close out October in style. North Myrtle Beach's own Endless Summer Festival is just a couple weeks away!

Thousands of people, locals and vacationers alike, are expected to show up at this year's event. The Endless Summer Festival will only last from 10:00 - 4:00 pm on Saturday, October 30th. It takes place down Main Street, right off Ocean Drive in North Myrtle Beach. There will be plenty of things to keep the family busy during those hours.

If you like beach music, than this is the place to be during the last weekend of October. Popular bands, Sea Cruz and The Extraordinaires, are going to be putting on great performances. The live entertainment will begin at 11:30 am, at the well-known Horseshoe. Enjoy plenty of great food, arts and crafts, and a children's play area. Don't forget the classic car show, for all of you car buffs. A beach volleyball tournament will be held both Saturday and Sunday.

Ocean Drive Beach Rentals of North Myrtle Beach will be participating in the festival. We'll have a bright and colorful display, and a couple staff members to greet visitors. Stop by, say hi, and grab free stuff while at the event. If you need a place to stay during the weekend, week, or even month, you can count on us for having the best available properties at the most reasonable prices.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals


Event poster compliments of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flynn's Irish Tavern in North Myrtle Beach


There is a hidden gem located at 421 Main Street in the Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach. Just a short walk from the wide sandy beaches and excellent accommodations of Ocean Drive, Flynn's Irish Tavern is a must visit for great food and drinks. Flynn's is the locals' favorite bar to enjoy a perfectly poured pint after a day on the beach or a round of golf. Visitors to North Myrtle Beach are always welcomed at Flynn's. You'll feel right at home when you walk through the front door.

Marty and Jane Flynn are the proud owners of Flynn's. The authentic old country atmosphere of the tavern comes from Marty's place of birth, County Roscommon, Ireland. Adorning the walls are memorabilia depicting the old country and sport's legends. The tavern is housed in the old North Myrtle Beach jail. The jail cells are still there and tours are given upon request. Flynn's hosts a seasonal Beer Garden, which is always a great time, and allows guests to enjoy the wonderful weather for which the Grand Strand is known for. Of course, the front porch is always open for your relaxation.

The menu features authentic Irish fare, steaks, fresh seafood and sandwiches. There are nightly specials ranging from traditional corned beef and cabbage to the best prime rib on the beach. Over 40 different kinds of whiskey adorn the back wall behind the bar. Flynn's Tavern opens its doors at 4:00 in the afternoon Mondays - Saturdays. Happy hour runs from 4:00 - 7:00 daily, and live music is played in the bar on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 7:00. On your next trip to North Myrtle Beach, make sure you visit Flynn's. Stop in, say hello, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and warm hospitality that only Flynn's Irish Tavern can provide.

Written By: David Haynes, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oktoberfest Comes To Myrtle Beach

Reason # 10,001 why you should visit North Myrtle Beach in the fall...OKTOBERFEST! The second annual German celebration returns to downtown Ocean Boulevard; with over 10,000 people expected to attend the one day fall festival. As of today, the Weather Channel is predicting sunny skies and highs in the upper 70's. It doesn't get any better than that for an October afternoon.

Oktoberfest 2010 will feature authentic German food, unique international beers not normally found in area bars, and wine. Popular area bands are scheduled to perform the entire day. There will be a Bratwurst Eating Contest, children's play area, street performers, and fireworks. The Channelheimer Oompah Band will compliment the German atmosphere with an entertaining show. This is the place to be if you're visiting the Grand Strand next weekend. Sample the culture of Germany and have a great time.

Some of the Ocean Drive Beach Rentals staff will be at Oktoberfest. We'll be posting pictures on our Facebook page to show how much fun it was. Make a weekend reservation in one of our properties and stay a couple days. Experience North Myrtle Beach in the off-season while the water is still warm!

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer's Over! Come to North Myrtle Beach


The first of October is coming up next week, and I still haven't taken off my board shorts or stowed my surf board away for the year. In fact, I find myself hitting the beach more and more as the days inch closer to 2011. With the dense summertime humidity out of the area, high temperatures in the upper 80's and nighttime temperatures in the mid 60's; soon it will be time to open the windows on my beach cottage and relieve stress and my electric bill. As with most of the locals, I love this time of year!

Now is the best time to visit the Grand Strand if you can break away from the job and get your family to the beach for a weekend getaway. Not only is the weather near perfect, but there are fewer crowds on the beach strand, restaurants are still open, and most of the popular attractions and amusements still cater to fall and winter visitors. North Myrtle Beach and the rest of the Grand Strand host hundreds of fall festivals, such as the Shrimp & Jazz Festival in Little River and the South Carolina Bluegrass Festival in Myrtle Beach.

Spring and fall is usually the best time to "hit the greens." With daytime temperatures ranging from 75 - 85 degrees and low humidity, the golfer(s) in the family will likely spend all day in competitive play. A nice evening swim in the pool or ocean is a nice way to end a full day of golfing. There are several area golf courses with great pricing and available tee times.

No need to worry about finding a place to stay. Most of our properties have plenty of availability in the off-season. You can find the best prices of the year now, with rental pricing dropping up to $1000 or more from our in-season pricing! Leave the vacation planning up to us, and give us a call for advice. Our website: Ocean Drive Beach Rentals.

For a listing of area festivals this fall; visit or

Written By: Jake Foutz - Director of Marketing, Ocean Drive Beach Rentals

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Interesting 4th of July Facts

Did you know....

John Hancock was the only signer of the Declaration of Independence to actually sign on July 4, 1776. 50 signed on August 2nd and 3 later that month. Thomas McKean was the last to sign in January, 1777.

The identities of the signers of the Declaration were kept secret for 6 months after the signing. If the Declaration had failed, it would have meant death for the signers, since it would have been considered high treason by the British.

In 1778, George Washington celebration Independence Day by giving the soldiers under his command a double ration of rum.

The 4th of July was not a legal federal holiday until 1941. It remains one of the few federal holidays not to have been moved to a Friday or a Monday.

Three U.S. Presidents have died on Independence Day: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4, 1826. James Monroe died July 4, 1831. And one president was born on the 4th....Calvin Coolidge in 1872.

The first two Liberty Bells were defective and melted down to be recast a third time. The third Liberty Bell rang on every 4th of July from 1778 until it cracked in 1835. It has since remained quiet. The first time it rang was July 8th, 1776 to summon the citizens of Philadelphia to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence, read by Colonel John Nixon.

"The Star Spangled Banner" is set to a tune that was originally a British drinking song called "To Anacreon in Heaven" and was sung in pubs throughout England.

Benjamin Franklin argued heartily for the national bird to be the turkey. Thankfully, he was outnumbered and we ended up with the much more noble bald eagle.

At the Constitutional Convention, the ailing Benjamin Franklin was often transported to meetings in a sedan chair, carried by four convicts.

Betsy Ross, according to legend, sewed the first American flag in May or June 1776, as commissioned by the Congressional Committee. However, there is no historical evidence to support this.

The words "Under God" were not added to the Pledge of Allegiance until the year 1954.

More than 74 million Americans will celebrate the 4th of July holiday by having barbeques. They will also consume an estimated 150 million hot dogs!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Membership has its privileges at OD Beach Rentals too!

The Memorial Day holiday has always been known as the "unofficial" start of the summer season along the Grand Strand. Visitors flock to the beach to take advantage of the warm weather and pre-summer rates.

Memorial Day is also the opening of the Ocean Drive Pavilion & Amusement Park. It's the only oceanfront amusement part along the entire Grand Strand and this year promises to hold a lot of excitement and fun for the entire family.

Taking a stroll through the park is a blast from the past for a lot of folks who remember the old OD Pavilion. The smell of cotton candy, the bright lights and excited faces of kids as they spin and twirl on the rides bring back cherished memories of times spent in Ocean Drive.

This year, make sure to plan a visit to the park while you're here. Don't forget to tell us you're interested and we might just be able to swing a few free ride tickets for you!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Area Rich With Pirates

For decades, vacationers have been coming to North Myrtle Beach to relax, enjoy the sand, salt air and warm temperatures. But even before this area became a mecca for summertime visitors looking to escape the city, the Grand Strand, known then as Long Bay, was a magnet for a few unsavory characters. Edward "Blackbeard" Teach is among one of the most famous historical figures to call the Grand Strand a home port. The area's many coves and harbors provided excellent "hideaways" for pirates and legend has it that Blackbeard was particularly fond of going ashore in a small boat with one crewman to bury chests of treasure, only to return to his ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, alone.

Teach cultivated his fearsome reputation as a mental warfare tactic to inspire terror in his prey, encouraging early surrender with minimal resistance. His dress was entirely black, much like funeral dress to inspire fear of death. To add to his image, Teach took advantage of scare tactics. He was a tall man with a muscular physique, features he played up, inspiring men to stay away from personal confrontation. He had a dark black beard, which before battle was braided and tied with colorful ribbon, and held pieces of match cord that were slowly burning. The smoke rising up would give him a grim halo, aiding in a satanic appearance. He was equipped with a belt that held cutlasses, pistols, and daggers. Across his chest he carried bandolier with six ready to fire pistols. All in all, his image was that of a man, or perhaps a demon, to be reckoned with.

Women pirates also terrorized the waters off the coast of South Carolina. One of the most famous, Anne Bonny, proved to be just as bloodthirsty as her male counterparts. Bonny, a red-haired beauty with a fierce temper, is believed to be the daughter of a prosperous Charles Town planter. At 16, she ran away with a sailor, and they joined pirates in the Atlantic. Bonny encouraged fellow pirates to raid the Carolina coast, and she killed opponents in battle with a dagger. Eventually, Bonny fell for Calico Jack Rackham, a pirate known for his fancy calico attire. The two sailed and fought together until a British sloop captured them. Bonny blamed their capture on Calico Jack’s poor fighting and cowardice. As he visited her the day of his execution, legend has it that she said, “I’m sorry to see this happen, but if you had fought like a man, you would not now be hanged like a dog!” Bonny, however, escaped the gallows due to her pregnancy. But, after her capture, no one knows for certain what became of Anne Bonny. Some legends say she reconciled with her father and remained in Charles Town, while others say that she returned to a life of piracy.

Piracy also influenced the names of several locales throughout South Carolina. Drunken Jack Island allegedly was named for a pirate who, drunk from too much rum, died on the island. Murrells Inlet supposedly was named for Captain John Murrell, who used the inlet as his headquarters while he preyed on ships at sea.

Many areas throughout South Carolina felt the influence of piracy.
Although each pirate’s legend is unique, the men and women who thrived during the “Golden Age of Piracy” shared several traits—they yearned for adventure, loved the seafaring life and craved the wealth that piracy provided. And, according to legend, they took advantage of the marshes and islands throughout South Carolina to hide their treasures for safekeeping until their return from the sea.

On your next visit to North Myrtle Beach, you might want to try your hand at treasure hunting. With time, ingenuity and some luck, you may uncover riches from these colorful pirates’ past.